Tip: Use your local Library for new books and movies for your children and yourself! Making it a GREAT EXPERIENCE and MONEY SAVING outing!

While this piece of advice may seem obvious, there are so many of my mom friends that would like to go to their local library but don’t. We as moms remember when we went there — the Library was a place to be quiet with rows and rows of bookshelves filled.

Things have changed at the library since that time.

Our library’s now have toys and a kids play area/reading area. They have small tables with coloring and puzzle’s. Over half the books in our local library are children’s books. The other almost half is Adult Fiction / Young Adult Fiction. With a small section of Non-Fiction.

Most of the bookshelves that I remember are gone! But half the books are for children!!

There is no limit to how many books you and your children take out. You get to keep them for three weeks!

There is also a DVD section that the children or adults can borrow from. You get a week. Which is super handy for any movie that I may be tempted to buy — but lets save the time and money right?!

Walking into the library feels like a welcoming atmosphere, to come and stay and read/play a while! How fun is that!

A Couple of TIPS When Using the Library:

1) Make sure that your children are picking out age appropriate movies (which may seem obvious) but seriously – stick to your appropriate rating – they are usually VERY correct.

2) Make sure that when you are at the library hanging out that your children are in the correct reading section with the correct age appropriate books. While they may not be able to take older kids books out of the library…they can still take it off the shelf and read it at the library. So WATCH at what your child is reading.

3) Make sure that you have a bag or box or some sort of organizable  by your front door for library returns. While three weeks seems like plenty of time and there would be no way that you would have overdue books, the days rolls by fast. When you sign up at the library for a card though you are able to check a box on your library form at which way you would like the library to contact you; via phone, email or text!! Super handy! and the fees are not that bad – cents a day!!

This is definitely my perspective out here in the country library! Can anyone comment if this is what city library’s are like??!!


By: Sharon Schuler


Tips, Hints, Hacks, Tricks, and Advice given and received at the beginning of the week! Don’t we all have little short cuts and mom hacks up our sleeves. Here is a day that is devoted to sharing some of those ideas and eases. Hopefully you will find a gold nugget of wisdom here and there!  Feel free to leave your wisdom in a comment below!


Sharon Schuler

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