In the after-math of life altering changes…

You’ve done your work.

You’ve done your research.

You were prepared.

Some things went fine and other things you learned the meaning of flexibility.

You’ve survived the curve balls.

You’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that work for you.

You’ve finished stuffing your brian full of information — so much so, that you start dreaming about it at night.


Even a little life-change

It’s OVER!!!

… and you survived!

— Last week I shared the big changes that we were going through at our house as my 4year old daughter switched from insulin injections to an insulin pump. This is a great change but it was super hard to learn the changes that we needed to learn to make it happen. Click here to read that story. After the learning was done, I sat there the next day … stunned. Trying to process and literally work through practically applying the changes to our lives now. —

You feel like there should be streamers and balloons and congratulations from all your friends. You have this idea that a special dinner or SOMETHING to mark the occasion should be made or done.

But instead — you can sit there in silence — stunned.

You changed things in your life and now it’s over.

Maybe you recently changed a job, or your volunteer work. Maybe you recently changed your routine to get out the door on time. Maybe you sent your child to day-care for the first time. Maybe you recently recovered from a disease or sickness. Maybe you had a new baby. Maybe you got married or just came back from your honeymoon or vacation. Maybe you finally recovered from the whirlwind of the holidays, debts included. 

It’s over.

and you survived.

1)Soak in the change:

Do what you need to do to let the facts sink in. Especially for the life altering changes. (like the loss of a loved one etc.)
What do you need to do to soak in the facts?
A picture board?
A scrapbook?
Writing out the events chronologically one by one in your journal?
Telling your best friend or hunny over and over your perspective of what you just went through? Setting and keeping an appointment with a psychiatrist to listen to you talk about the events? Speak the words aloud alone in your home?
Writing your change over your bathroom mirror to remember and process? 
What do you need to do to soak in the change?

2)Commemorate the after-math:

When all is said and done is there anything that you need to do to remember what you went through?
Getting a professional photographer to take pictures of the band new baby? Or of your old house before you move?
Writing yourself a letter to open in 5 years from now commemorating the changes that you survived, giving yourself that time to remember?
Creating a college or the keeping pieces of what you when through to remember in a box? (ie. hospital bracelets) 
Dedicating a tree  or a flower and planting it in your yard to remember?
Throwing a party or open house for your family and friends to celebrate with you?
What do you need to do to remember the change?

3)Breathe it in:

Now is your chance. Now is your victory. You made it!
You can celebrate this accomplishment or you can literally sit there in stunned silence for sometime. Clear your calendar of all but the essentials and remember to say “no” to new things until you are ready to move forward. Don’t feel guilty for taking the time to process the changes that you just went through.
I know some people are great about accepting changes quickly and moving on with the work of the day.
This is great!
But so is stopping for a moment, if that’s what you need to do. Just sit in stunned silence to process and remember what you just went through.
How do you process life changes? If you like, write them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!
By: Sharon Schuler
PS. We survived the change and have sat in our stunned silence. Everyday working with my daughter and her insulin pump gets easier and easier! Thanks for your support!

photo credit : Pixabay


Sharon Schuler

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  1. Breathe it in–we don’t do that enough. Lol! Life comes so fast, we feel like we don’t have time to breathe it in. Say “no” to new things. Wise words. Like your stuff. I do Compel, too. Are you going to She Speaks?

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