I don’t know about you, but when that calendar flips from March into April I really feel like SPRING is here. (We keep the possible possibly of a Ontario snow dump in the back of our minds until we clear the 18th of April or so!) I just get so excited about the change of season (even though I do love winter) that I want to SPRING CLEAN! Spring clean? A busy mom? Actually the words “Spring Cleaning” sends visions of a mom with a scarf tied around her hair, standing up on a high ladder scrubbing her kitchen windows by hand, while the full range of what she stores in her kitchen cabinets is out all over the counters while she scrubs the cupboards too. (Sorry if I just described you…uhm…keep up the good work mama! 🙂 ) My version of spring cleaning is a little different. Mostly changing out the kids closets from winter clothes to summer type clothes.

If you’ve got an itch to “Spring Clean” but don’t know where to possibly start or where to add the extra time. Not to worry, I made a list of where you could possibly start. (I have a list fetish!) Enjoy.


1) Reason for. Why in the world would any busy mama want to try to put in the extra time to “Spring Clean” her house. Between being exhausted from sleepless nights, and the mountain of laundry, a well cleaned house is NOT a busy mom’s constant priority. I know I’ve been guilty as anyone to have good intentions of cleaning (I even wrote out a cleaning schedule). I’ve done the good cleaning that lasted for a month and then let it slide a little and then a lot. The cry to clean the entire house comes once in a while, but usually before someone stops by. (Of course, my dining room floor is always this clean that you could eat off of it!… insert sarcasm here) My main reason of why I organize and clean house is to give myself LESS work to do. That’s right, I said LESS. When my bedroom is a little dusty and I run through it with a swiffer duster 5mins a week, it’s not a big deal and not a mental stopping point for me. But if I left the dust to the point where you can’t dry swiff the dust off because it’s been silently adhering to your dresser for a while, then I have to get out a wet cloth or pail of cleaner and take the time to wash down my dusty bedroom. At that point because the job has become huge. Physically taking more time and a possible mental stopping point for me. (ie. Apply this to the WHOLE house cleaning… = run away!) It’s probably NOT going to get done. So organize and clean to give yourself LESS to do in the long run.


2) Inspiration. Nothing will motivate me more than reading about WHAT and HOW others are doing organizing and cleaning. (Remember this is not about comparison but inspiration) The definition for “Inspiration” is: ‘the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something:. I’ll run with that to feel AND do something. When you read and see the pictures of how other people took their mess and changed it into a organized or clean house, it will inspire you to start your own pet project. Beware of inspiration; you might get carried away. Start with realistic goals and ideas and apply them to your home and more importantly your timetable. Remember and be inspired to finish what you start as well. As the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done can lead on to bigger and better things. I recently read a friends blog that is motivating me to finish painting my living room. I was tried of all the nicks accumulated from the last five years and the dull mud brown colour. So I started patching up the walls and wet sanded them, but now it’s just sitting there. My poor chick pox looking living room walls. Reading my friends blog  and all the painting she has done in her house really inspired me to finish painting my living room walls. So read an inspiring story, that applies to your pet project, organizational itch, or a cleaner house!


3) Motivation. While this may go hand in hand with #2, the definition of “Motivation” definition is: ‘the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.’ Perfect! Here is the action! After I’m inspired to, say, organize paint my living room. I’ll Google “living room paint colour” or you-tube a how-to-paint. Beware: While going through Google and other people’s process for the “How-to”, make sure that you pick a processes that works for you, your lifestyle, and the people that live in your house. Painting my living room walls (for example) right before my kids go to bed would be a terrible idea. But if I did my research, have my supplies and a plan, I could set my alarm a little earlier and paint 1 wall before the kids wake up. Or perhaps in the evening would work better. Going slowly through the living room would be PERFECT for my lifestyle (ie; lots of kids) and timetable. What works for you…..

P.S. Here’s a Worship Song to; give reason, inspiration, and motivation. “Be Brave” and Enjoy!


By: Sharon Schuler


Sharon Schuler

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