The news.

Getting the news that someone you loved has died and gone.

There is nothing that is more:

devastatingly — shocking,

The emotions of; anger, pain, loss, separation — is so overriding of everything else. Emotions that seize the entire plans of your day or week (or year), as you run through the grieving process. How you express your emotions will drain you and come at a physical cost, as well.

Whether through sleepless nights, the puffy eyes and swollen face, a headache that can make a home in your head as you emotionally work through the details of what just happened. Whether through speaking out loud, again and again of what just happened to process in your heart and mind the life-changing events…

Shock can also take on the form of anger, giving you a short temper and snapping remarks to your loved ones that surround you as you deal with the emotional turmoil inside, but also as they deal with the effects of the death themselves. Whether they personally knew the person gone, and mourn deeply themselves. Or whether they’re affected by this death because you knew the person — making your grief affecting them.  

There is the silence after the shock.

There is the unexpected tears that burst forth at any time, as you remember the last words that you said to that person that you lost and yet you never knew that those would be your last. As you remember the last look of them were they stood, sat, or laid for the last time, knowing now — that, that was the last look. Trying to remember the last conversation that you had with them. Trying to remember the words spoken and expressions on their face.

Shocked by Death

There is also the loss of the plans that you’ve made together. depending how close they were to you. Plans that you now have to possibly physically cancel. Plans on certain days that will no longer happen. Those days will pass by and you will mourn more on these uneventful days.

But any person involved in the circle of your life — their lose will be felt to a certain extent.

Whether it’s Christmas time that you’ll never see them again. Or those Easter dinner plans you had that you’ll now never share with them again.

Shocked by Death

Coming across pictures of them and remembering what you were doing on that specific occasion. Picture that had NO value 2 seconds ago, have priceless value the moment that you pick up the phone and get that shocking news.


Never to talk to them again.

No more will their place in your life be filled with them but will always be empty.

There are no regrets in loving them and the time spent together. There is just this regret, that their place in your life is now empty and regret that you didn’t FULLY realize how precious the moments that we had were together — especially near the end.

Those unknown number of days spent with your loved one… What we said to each other then — means so much now.

Shocked by Death = a little piece of my heart will never be the same.

Sure, we’ll cry when ever we come across another picture of you, but we’ll never regret knowing you because you added to our lives and we pray that we added a little to yours.

By: Sharon Schuler

Sharon Schuler

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