I LOVE Procrastination! It’s my best friend when I have a lot to do and the time is dwindling down. It whispers in my ear that I can always finish that “later” and promises me that it will be better if I wait until “later”. 

Enter Distraction! It comes in right after Procrastination and keeps me busy. I REALLY didn’t have the time to do that THING I was supposed to do because I was so BUSY! It really wasn’t my fault. Distraction can be my friend too!  procrastination and distraction

Until they are NOT!

Until that sinking feeling in your gut tells you you’ve been lied to — worse you were lying to yourself the WHOLE time!

Until Procrastination and Distraction are long gone — all you are left with is holding that THING that you were supposed to do and the timeline for that is LONG past!!

Until you cycle around to Depression because — really, you knew better — and now you just feel like an utter failure!

procrastination and distraction

This was me this past week.

I had finished going through Ruth Soukup “Elite Blog Academy” I’d bought her workbook, printed it off, work through and organized my blogging ideas and schedules in my pink zip-up binder!

I was organized and ready to go — my week was set — On TOP of the Mommy Kingdom Organized World!!!

I was great!

Until my two best friends came along! Procrastination and Distraction! What a great week we had together!

Life was busy and stressful — they understood that I had given so much of myself I needed “me time”

Life got a little sick with colds — they understood that I needed to sleep in all week

Life was out of the house — and they understood I really needed to be at home to blog

It’s so wonderful to feel understood and to have these two friends in my corner. Until the week is gone and so are they, and I had written ZERO! NO blog posts what-so-ever! I was standing there with an incredibly long list of goals I had planned to do. I should have done. They were reasonable!

I was so disappointed and depressed with myself for entertaining those two foolish, lying friends — AGAIN!

Procrastination and Distraction Overcomers:

1) Stop and reassess:

YES! Sometimes life DOES get a little crazy and all the goals and appointments for the week are NOT going to get done. Instead of entertaining procrastination and distraction DON’T give them a word-in-edge-wise. Shut them down right away. DON’T stick your head in the sand but grab a pen and start shuffling things around your agenda

Things you can do the next week.

Things you can do next year.

Things you never really need to do!

Don’t be afraid to tackle the calendar before Procrastination and Distraction tackle you!

2) Call a friend:

Kinda sounds like one of the game shows op-outs. But seriously — if you think your priorities are getting away on you — TALK to someone

If you are feeling overwhelmed — they may see a way that would be a very simple fix of — “what if you moved this around” or they may be a great friend and tell you straight up “YES your schedule is crazy! Start chopping things off it! Your NOT superwoman.” It could be the very thing that you are looking for — Permission!

3) Prioritize your goals:

This one is BIG! If you are overwhelmed and you really do have too much on your to-do list, knowing your goals and what is most important to you is the ENTIRE difference!

If you’ve been reading my blog a while you know that I’m a HUGE fan of Michael Hyatt His blog is about efficiency in the work that you do throughout the week. He doesn’t just mean work-work, but family work, and marriage work, and business work. He all about how to set your goals and achieve what really matters to you! I love the breakdown. (This is NOT an affiliate link — I just love his work and use it!)

He even has a FREE webinar “7 Steps for Taking Control of 2017” How to Leverage Goal-Setting to Design the Life you want.

I did this webinar last week. You do have to show up live and of course, there is always a sales pitch at the end but you do get GREAT free content, a free workbook, and the motivation to set the goals/schedule that you WANT for your life. I wrote out my 7-10 goals for 2017 and ended up with 2 pages worth of WHY’s!


Narrowing my focus and knowing my why’s has given me the strength to say “NO” to new and great opportunities that I DON’T have time for right now in my life.

Knowing what is working toward my goals and what isn’t has given me the strength to “kill my little darlings” — Slightly gruesome word picture (and I forget where I heard it) but it’s about those things that you’ve been doing for so long they are your little “darlings” BUT you’ve been doing them for so long that do absolutely NOTHING to help advance and work on the goals that you have set for RIGHT NOW in your life. They are just THERE!

So I “killed one of my little darlings” — I had been volunteering at this small thing for 10 years. It was a small job but it still took thought and planning and a set time and date to show up too once a month.

It’s so hard to let go — there’s always a bit of regret RIGHT after I hand in my notice — but then floods in the relief! Wow, I never thought I would feel relief to LET GO of that! But it’s there! RELIEF!!!

With specific goals — narrower focus — a reason “why” and  — a manageable schedule —

Procrastination and Distraction can EAT MY DUST!!!  We are NOT friends!!!

Bring on the NEW YEAR Busy Mom — you got this!

By Sharon Schuler

procrastination and distraction



When Procrastination and Distraction get in your way it can be so easy to run around in circles! Here I go through 3 easy to start steps in setting your goals!

Sharon Schuler

24 comments on “When Procrastination & Distraction Get in Your Way | set your goals!”

  1. I’m not a procrastinator, but I get easily distracted. It’s absolutely frustrating. I’d make a list of what I need to get done and prioritize. I’d start the list, and I’ll be in the middle of a task and bam! I’m distracted. I find that setting myself on a time limit for each task, keeps me together/focused more.

  2. Ahhhh this is me right now!! I kicked major butt all year and right now I’m procrastinating like crazy because I worked so hard all year lol….

  3. Point 3 is such a great one! I think it’s always important to focus on one task at a time too, trying to multitask can make you less productive because you end you splitting your attention in too many directions and don’t always do a fully good job on each task. Awesome tips and suggestions.

  4. Love this! I’m definitely best friends with procrastination and distraction too. I’m all about writing to-do lists, but sometimes I’m not so good at following through on them. Hoping to turn that around in 2017!


  5. It’s funny to see this as I have procrastinated all day which really isn’t me at all. Great tips, I am a lister and a planner myself I would be lost without it.

  6. This post comes in the right time for me! I have been struggles to get a hold of those two friends of mine too! Thank you for writing about how to stay on top of things in this new year!

  7. Great perspective! Our feelings have a way of lying to us very convincingly, I’ve found. Like you said, they “understand” how hard things are for us…they are our comfort zone and the honored guest at our pity parties. You hit the nail on the head that in order to kill the lie, we have to speak truth into it. Thanks for the reminder, and the encouragement!

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