Busy Moms all have them…Necklaces! Whether they are tangled in boxes or hanging on a necklace tree on-top of our dressers, or neatly organized somewhere.

Here is an organizing hack that leaves necklaces out in the open so you can remember what you have for inventory. You can leave the tangled heap behind and free up dresser space. This hack also leaves your necklaces super easy assessable to your finger tips as you run out the door, or for those moments of indecision when you need to try on half your necklaces to find the right one.

Hack: Use the dead wall space behind your door and small C hooks to organize your necklaces


I used 8 C hooks and screwed them into the wall a measured distance apart based on the amount of necklaces I have and the general length of the necklaces.


The C hooks were super easy to set up, taking about 20mins from start to finish. The light weight of the necklaces don’t require the hooks be hung into the wall studs.


Organizing my necklaces has never been easier. They are mostly out of sight as I usually leave my bedroom door open.

Happy organizing Busy Mom!

By: Sharon Schuler

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Sharon Schuler

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