Being pregnant again, and having a Blog this time around, I had to do a pregnancy series introducing “pregnancy at a glance” hopefully you’ll find a nugget of wisdom here and there. (This post has zero affiliate links)

Pregnancy at a glance – month by month

Pregnancy month 9

What mom is feeling

Congratulations and welcome to the ninth and final month of your pregnancy where all the magic happens! But it may not be feeling like magic at this point. Swollen ankles, throbbing veins, lack of sleep, little appetite, are just to name a few.

One week into this pregnancy month (at week 37) you will be considered full-term. It’s now safe and okay for a baby to come anytime. Baby’s lungs are fully developed and can survive outside the womb perfectly fine without pre-term complications.

Which is great because (I don’t know about you) huge and sore, is what you want to say to people when they ask again “How are you?” You’re almost done. You’re almost there!

Although, hitting the benchmark of 37 weeks doesn’t mean baby will come at 37 weeks. You now have a countdown — to a timer — where you have no idea what time it’s going to go off. (slightly stressful) Unless you have been scheduled for an induction or C-section — then you’ll have a general idea of what time baby will come.

All this to say from week 37 on is a waiting game and that waiting game could be from 5 days to 5 weeks long. Urgh!

Talk about nerves of Steel right?!

Or maybe not?!

This is the month where anxiety is on the rise, and where the anticipation is right beside it.

Where excitement and exhaustion go hand-in-hand, even with baby not here yet. But you are doing hard work, pregnant mom, and if you could — give yourself a pat on the back 🙂 or ask your hubby to rub it for you.

How are you going to get through the stress of not knowing when baby will come? And how are you going to get through the length of this month (it will feel like FOREVER)? Answer: take one day at a time and expect anything. Say to yourself “Whatever happens, happens!” Also, remembering and mentally focusing on that end goal of holding baby will help get you through the anxiety.

This is the month where you might worry about your baby’s movements as baby moves less and less, but not to worry it’s because baby is running out of space.

This is also, the month of intense dreams. “Baby birth” dreams, “loving tender care” dreams, “pregnant forever” dreams, “your favorite pregnancy food” dreams, “I will never be myself again” dreams. Anything remotely baby related is a (lovely?!) pregnancy dream. For more information on dreams in your final weeks of being pregnant — click here. 

This is the month where all you can talk about is baby. All you can think about is baby. All your partner will hear about is the baby.

And all this is perfectly normal. It’s your way to emotionally and mentally get ready for baby to come.

Physically getting ready — you’ll probably have intense Braxton Hicks. Remember though that these are the contractions that tighten your belly AND they don’t hurt. They should go away with a squeeze or two. Your muscles and Joints will feel looser than ever. Your hips will be even more relaxed. (if that is even possible?) This is all great though, as your body is preparing for baby’s arrival.

Click here to read more about your final week of pregnancy — including how to naturally start labor and what is a ‘membrane sweep?’

Baby’s growth and development for this month week 36 – 40

Baby is now about 6lbs and gaining weight rapidly with about a half a pound a week. Which is super important. Baby does not move much now as baby is running out of room. As doctor or midwife keep checking you and reporting your cervical progress don’t jump on that emotional roller coaster ride. There will be enough emotions to come. So if the doctor tells you at your next checkup “Your 2cm dilated. I think this baby will be here by tomorrow.” Be cool as a cucumber and be like “Sure that’s possible and would be nice. Or it could be next week.” 🙂 You’ve got this! Read more about your baby’s stage from week 36 here at

Picture of what baby looks like for this month

pregnancy week 36

pregnancy week 40


If you have older children at home.

This is a month that you will not only develop your own nerves of steel as you deal with waiting for baby for what could be a long or short time — now is the time to talk a lot about baby with the older children, preparing them mentally and emotionally for baby’s arrival.

You don’t have to go in depth talking about baby constantly, asking the children “what you think it will be like when the baby is brought home? What do they think baby it will be like when baby is sleeping in its cradle upstairs?”

Just keep a running dialogue with the older children about baby. Like: “I felt baby move. Want to feel my belly?” “I think the baby’s butt’s up here!” (that will ALWAYS get a reaction — lol)

Now is the month to definitely look into and have a plan for childcare for when labor starts. If you’re scheduled to go in and get an inducement or C-section, the upswing of this is all the better for childcare. And you can obviously plan accordingly.

Easily enough for all situations — is to have somebody on standby for the unexpected.

Now it’s the time that you make sure bags are packed and ready to go for all the older children. Obviously for yourself as well and baby too.

What and how to prepare for baby

For this month preparation, you should definitely have your hospital bags packed and your baby’s bags packed too.

You should have your nursery finished and completed — at the very least a place for baby to sleep should be assembled, clean and ready to go.

You could have frozen meals in your freezer. You don’t how to make a whole bunch of homemade meals and that is completely fine. You can find lots of grocery stores that carry pre-made frozen meal. Don’t be afraid of the pre-made in this organic world, just do what you need to do (it could it could be worse :)) and remember it’s only for this period and time in your life.

At this point, if you haven’t already done so, you should be done your prenatal classes. If you have not — then go ahead and finish that up quickly. They are a huge help to prepare you for labor and delivery. No worries our guilt if you haven’t done any classes though, just be sure to read about Labor and Delivery. Don’t go in with your eyes completely closed. Also talking to other moms is

Don’t go into labor with your eyes completely closed.

Also talking to other moms can be a great wealth of knowledge to tap into as well.

Just remember that each and every labor and delivery and baby is completely different and the little things that to happen along the way will make each labor and delivery story unique.

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By: Sharon Schuler

I’m not a doctor, nurse, or obgyn. I’m just sharing some of my pregnancy experience! (x6) These are my own words but with strong direction from I’m not affiliate with I just really LOVE the information I find there and I would recommend the site to all of my friends.

pregnancy month 9


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