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Being pregnant, again, and now having a blog this time around, I knew I had to do a pregnancy series! Introducing “Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month “ Hopefully you’ll find a nugget of wisdom here or there. (This post has zero affiliate links)

Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month

Pregnancy Month 7

What Mom is Feeling:

Pregnancy month 7! Whew! Congratulations and welcome to the third and final trimester!

You made it!

What I love about this trimester is that I feel like I can start preparing for the baby!

I have done;

signed up and done prenatal class or refresher

bought and set up the crib 

-organize and wash baby clothes

-get the baby car seat out and washed up

-wipe down the nursery and make sure everything is ready for nursing

-prepare or order meal ahead of time for my family

-nail down baby names (or at least make a smaller list)

-buy baby diapers 

There is something about hitting week 30 (the middle of this month) that makes it feel like the real count down is on. When starting pregnancy you can say to yourself that you have “250 days to go or 40 weeks.” That far off number seems so intangible. Where as NOW answering the question of “How long do you have left?” and you saying “10weeks!!!” Right around the corner!!!! This is the very exciting time without the anxious pile of nerves you’ll get closer to D-day. So enjoy this time of JUST being pregnant. 

Mom could be feeling; exhausted, sore legs, aching back, hungry, a little anxious, unprepared, stressed, hopeful, excited, nervous. (you get the picture — pretty much anything) All emotions are normal at this point.

The key is to be SURE that you have someone to talk too. That you have your people in place that make up your support system, especially during this final trimester. As that due date approaches all you’ll talk, think, sleep, and breathe about is the upcoming baby. This is a very normal way to process the upcoming BIG day. You’ll need people in your life that your comfortable at saying what you truly think and feel. All the other people you talk to — it’s fine if they get those run-of-the-mill answers from you. All you need is one outlet. 

Another of my favorites about this trimester (and slightly morbid) is that a baby born now, has a VERY good chance of survival rate. Like I said morbid… but true. We have a great health system for neonatal care here in Canada. 

Baby’s Growth and Development for this Month: Week 28 – 31

Baby is now about 2.3lbs. Baby can turn her head toward a bright light shining on your belly, and her fingernails are growing. And seriously, check out the pictures below. HUGE difference of size in baby that is 28weeks  compared to the big baby at 32weeks. Baby is growing an amazing rate!

Click the link below to check out a great video about baby’s growth and development. It’s what baby looks like in utero just before baby hits “full term.”

Read more about your baby stage from week 28 here at Baby Centre.ca and check out the inside belly video

Picture of what Baby Looks like for this Month:


If You Have Older Children at Home:

Depending on how old your children are, now would be the time to asses their age and personalities as to what you think they can handle for chores. (the big word) For example my 6year daughter and 8yr old son weren’t really asked to do chores, but slowly throughout my last pregnancy we would ask more of them by saying “Your chores for today is cleaning up your clothes in your room.” or “Your chores for the day is empty out the dish washer and cleaning up the toys in the living room before quiet time this afternoon (tv time)”

This way my older kids would know exactly what to expect and I wouldn’t keep adding to their chore list as the day went on. (especially when they are home in the summertime). Yet this way they could definitely help out as well, as also prepare them for when new baby comes. I definitely needed a little of their help around the house too.

We are hoping with this laid back approach to chores, it would make ours kids attitude towards chores as natural as outside play-time in our home. No chore charts, or reward system. Just plain old “family pulling together.” 

What and How to Prepare for Baby:

For this month’s preparation (if you haven’t already) is; sign up for a prenatal class. I would recommend against “winging it” for labor and delivery.(LOL) You may be in for a shock.

Although prenatal classes will never fully prepare you for the experience They will help you MENTALLY prepare for labor and deliver, which is half the battle, as you’ll know what to expect. During every pregnancy, I always refresh my memory by reading through the “Labor and Delivery” chapter of “What to Expect when you’re Expecting” (it does read through quicker every time 🙂 ) This way I’m mentally prepared for ANYTHING during labor and delivery. 

Go to prenatal classes as much as you can with your support person who will be there with you during labor and delivery. Ask as many questions as you can or have. Definitely pay attention to the breathing exercise. They never matter until they really matter.

Now is also a great month to start SHOPPING!!! — for baby. You can dive into essentials of diapers, crib, car seat, bouncy chair, sleepers and a comfy blanket. 

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By: Sharon Schuler


I’m not a doctor, nurse, or obgyn. I’m just sharing some of my pregnancy experience! (x6) These are my own words but with strong direction from BabyCentre.ca. I’m not affiliate with BabyCentre.ca I just really LOVE the information I find there and I would recommend the site to all of my friends.

Sharon Schuler

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  1. Love that you are asking your older kids to help you at home.Just family pulling together is really a great way.Take care and all will be well.Exciting days ahead.

  2. this remind me my time !! when i did nursery, paint a wall, changer cribe everything !! its very well describe !! hope you doing good !! stay healthy

  3. What to expect when you are expecting was my favourite book too. Third trimester is the time when you are excited and nervous. Helpful post for expecting moms.

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