Being pregnant, again, and now having a blog this time around, I knew I had to write a pregnancy series! Introducing “Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month” Hopefully you’ll find a nugget of wisdom here or there. (This post has zero affiliate links)

Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month

Pregnancy Month 5

What Mom is Feeling:

This is one of my favorite times of being pregnant!

Month 5!

When you are RIGHT in the middle!

Middle of the 2nd trimester, and middle of your pregnancy!

There is the anxious awaiting to feel the baby move inside of you for the first time this month. There is the fact that you are finally getting a pregnancy belly (instead of “I-just-ate-a-big-lunch” belly) Finally you can pick up maternity clothes and wear them well!! Your belly is small enough that you can still easily do the physical things around work and home, and lets say it — sex is NOT too awkward at this point.

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While it may feel like pregnancy lasts forever — enjoy this time of being pregnant! In another 4 weeks you’ll be past the middle and “on the other side”. BEST part about this month (and the WHOLE of being pregnant = baby’s first kicks!!!!) 

When waiting for the first kicks of baby, don’t stress about it. You don’t need to look out for it till around the 20 week mark. First time moms may have a hard time distinguishing which is baby kicks and which is digestive system running. Both feel quite similar. What you’re waiting to feel is a rhythmic flutter (like butterflies in your belly feeling) This feeling doesn’t go away as you walk around or sit still for a moment. Rhythmic flutter is baby hiccupping. After you feel that flutter you’ll be able to better distinguish what are baby movements. Your doctor will probably ask at this month check up if you felt baby move yet, but they wouldn’t be concerned if you don’t until next month.

It also depends on where your placenta lies. For two of my babies the placenta was right in the front of the belly = harder to feel those first kicks (about week 22) Where as two of my other babies I could feel movement as early as 18 weeks. With many factors in play, don’t worry!

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Baby’s Growth and Development for this Month: Week 18 – 22

At the beginning of this month, baby is around 6 inches long, and weighs about 7 ounces. Around week 20 is when your doctor would have scheduled you in for a routine mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Bring your hubby with as this is your chance to see baby move, kick, or sleep.

Decided before you go if you are finding out the sex of the baby or not and don’t forget to ask the ultrasound technician for print outs when your ultrasound is over.  

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Picture of what Baby Looks like for this Month:


If You Have Older Children at Home:

This month is FUN! When you are finished your ultrasound appointment, you’ll be bringing home that baby picture. Show the kids! Ask them if they think it’s a girl or boy. Hang the picture on your fridge where everyone is reminded everyday that a new member of the family is on the way!

Nothing will remind the kids more that baby is coming then a BIG belly (Month 8) but that picture — the next best thing! I also like to show the pictures from to the kids. They can literally see what baby looks like in mommy’s belly. 

What and How to Prepare for Baby:

Need a list of what is needed for a maternity wardrobe?

Got you covered…

Minimal Maternity Wardrobe for a SAHM!

(working mom, just add a little more to the mix!) 

1)Jeans x1 

2)Dress pants x1

3)Corduroy pants x1 (winter)

4)Black pants x1

5)Shorts x2 (summer)

6)Capri x2 (summer/spring)

7)Really big winter coat (whatever season you hit Month 8 at) – NOT maternity $$

8)Big enough coat for spring or fall (whatever season you hit Month 8 at) – NOT maternity $$

9)Pressure stockings x2 (one in black) – if you have sore/tired legs

10)Maternity tank tops x3 (nice and long)

11)Maternity t-shirts x3 (nice and long)

12)Maternity or a size up dress shirts x3

13)Sweaters x2

14)Bra that fits x2

15)Bathing Suit x1

Happy Shopping Pregnant Mom.

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By: Sharon Schuler

I’m not a doctor, nurse, or obgyn. I’m just sharing some of my pregnancy experience! (x6) These are my own words but with strong direction from I’m not affiliate with I just really LOVE the information I find there and I would recommend the site to all of my friends. 


Sharon Schuler

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