Being pregnant, again, and now having a blog this time around, I knew I had to do a pregnancy series! Introducing “Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month “ Hopefully you’ll find a nugget of wisdom here or there.

Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month

Pregnancy Month 2

What Mom may be Feeling:

This is the month  where secrets are revealed! The BIG news is now for sure. You can cry and shout… “I’m Pregnant!”

Already your body will be making changes and you may notice a few tiny things that are already happening. You could be drinking a LOT of water as your body fluids increase in volume.

You may notice that you are making frequent trips to the bathroom already. Thanks to those revved up hormones and thanks to the (obvious) extra water drinking.

You may already find yourself exhausted! Set your cellphone alarm to help remind you to get to bed earlier. If that’s what your body needs for right now, then it’s time to make a few changes for you right now!

Morning sickness can kick in this month to. You can feel any range from no nausea on one end — to head hanging over the toilet on the other end. My advice is that if you are not eating properly because of your morning sickness, talk your doctor about a prescription that can help with that! You baby wont suffer at this point from what you aren’t eating. Baby will take what it needs from mom to grow. But obviously eating well-balanced diet is good for mom’s; health, sleep etc.

My experience is that I’ve used prescriptions before and they work great. In some cases I haven’t used any prescriptions, as I wanted to “tough-it-out”. My rule of thumb is: If I’m not eating properly and feeling gross/losing weight — the help of meds is NOT a bad thing but a useful tool to help me get through morning sickness. It SUCKS feeling queasy all the time!

Now is the exciting month that you get to decide when and how you are going to tell your hubby! “We’re having a BABY!” You can get as creative or simple as you want! Savor the secret together for a little while and let this life changing count down sink into you guys!    

You can use this “Lady Timer” app to keep track of your cycles!


Figure our your due date by clicking here.

Baby’s Growth and Development for this Month: Week 5-8

The  amazing changes that happen to baby this month are nothing short of a miracle. In this month baby changes from embryo to fetus. Baby’s heart starts beating, and spinal cord developing are just a few of the feats baby will go through this month.  

Read more about your baby stage here at Baby 

Picture of what Baby Looks like for this Month:

Week 5
Photo Credit:


Week 8
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If You Have Older Children at Home:

While the overwhelming excitement or anxiety (or any mixture of emotions) that another baby is on the way sweeps over you…remember… you don’t have to decided anything right now. Where the baby will sleep, or how fast you need to get JR out of the crib, or where are the baby clothes that you packed away, or WHEN to tell the kids that baby is on the way… Hit the PAUSE button. NOTHING needs to be decided today, or this month in fact. Planning can come a little later.

What and How to Prepare for Baby:

Make SURE this month (if you haven’t done so already) GO and see your family doctor. Start the ball rolling on all the appointments that you will have for the next two years! (averaging to about 23 appointments, over the two years!) Bring your questions written down, in your phone or on a piece of paper of what you want to ask the doctor. DON’T Google for all your answers. Talking to live, flesh and blood doctor can go a long way to answering your questions faster and more efficiently from a reliable source than Google. Don’t be shy either, like I said, You both will get to know each other quickly. (23 appointments!!)

Your man coming to appointments or not is a complete person to person choice. If Daddy is in the picture I would suggest the fun appointments not to miss are; ultra sound appointments, pre and post natal classes (for the first timers) any of the later appointments (around 36+ weeks) for a chance for Dad to get to meet the delivery doctor. Plus don’t forget to take your man with you on that hospital maternity wing tour. 

My man loves to tease with a “tell the doctor I’ll be the guys standing by you in the delivery room!” LOL

Next thing to do this month  — buy some prenatal vitamins and start a habit to take them everyday. (if you’re not already) Same time of the day usually works best to remember taking them. (ie. breakfast)

Last piece of advice for this month is to buy a copy of “What to Expect When You are Expecting” by: Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Eisenberg & Sandee Hathaway, B.S.N. Everything that you could want to know and any questions that you have can be answered in this one book. I read mine every time I’m pregnant!

Or You can check out their website for FREE resources!

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By: Sharon Schuler

I’m not a doctor, nurse, or obgyn. I’m just sharing some of my pregnancy experience! (x6) These are my own words but with strong direction from I’m not affiliate with I just really LOVE the information I find there and I would recommend the site to all of my friends.

Sharon Schuler

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