A “problem-solving-day”. That’s what I like to call those days when something is not right, and you spend the day (possibly longer) trying to fix it.

This was me yesterday. I had “fires” to put out and answers to find. (for confidentiality reasons I wont go into the details) But it was one of those days that your hugging the phone, sending and checking email and calling your higher uppers for advice. One of those days. This ”fixing” consumed my thoughts completely. Making it difficult to even sleep. Almost like you’re in emergency mode, (adrenaline going, thought consuming, practical problem solving) but without the emergency.

These should be called growth opportunity days! Days that show the true colour of your personality.

I’ve found as much as I can say I trust in God… in the moment of difficulties my human nature kicks in. I want to fix it. By myself.  I want to control not only my reaction but others around me too. I want my emailing and phone calling, and advice to make a difference.

And then it happened.

All came together and the problem is solve. BUT. I didnt do it. None of what I had done made a difference. Not my great words of wisdom, not my fretting and venting throughout the day. Not my sleeplessness. Apparently I can't control others reactions to things (as much as I would like to, sometimes) Zero difference. I had literally nothing to do withfixing it`.

But there was that moment. In the middle of my day. I was on my face on the floor of my bedroom. Praying “ Oh God! I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to make this right.” It was just before I was going to bed yesterday night, the word came through. Everything would be fine. And like I said before, I had nothing to do with fixing it, literally. To me the only contribution I made was in the middle of my day, when I was on my face, giving it up.

There are many opportunities for a “problem-solving-day.” Especially if you are working with people (big or small), if you work in ministry, if you have a best friend, if you have family, if you work in your community, if you put in 12hr days with your little tribe, if you make a long commute to work, if you volunteer on your week-ends, if you stay in and never leave your house.

My complete effort to control situations and people leave me up against; HELPLESSNESS. I believe the only thing that counters this is the HOPEFULNESS that only comes from God.

I can’t change people’s hearts. He can.

I can’t know what I’m supposed to do every situations. He can place people in my life that know way more than I do.

I can’t communicate with all the people in the current “fixing” situation. But I can talk to God who does listen to pray, anywhere I am.

I can’t control people’s reactions. God can convict people (including me).

After, seeing God answer prayers through people.(yet again) It leaves me in awe and slightly upside down. I should have started my day on my face. It might have been more productive.

By: Sharon Schuler


P.S. Song Blog for the week!

Sharon Schuler

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