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 The crown of motherhood is to juggle all the tasks that you have to accomplish today with a little extra of time on the side; multitasking. Unfortunately, we are multitasking ourselves to nowhere!

Multitasking is; an apparent human ability to perform more than one task, or activity, over a short period (1 hour).

This was definitely me this past summer as I was trying to work on 10 different projects all at the same time. (Call me crazy, I know!) But I think there could be more woman than just me that try to do this because … there’s so much we want to do! 

For myself, I had this idea that if I could slowly work on ALL my projects — if I could work at them for about 10 minutes each day (my genius math skills coming into play here!) —  I would slowly move the needle forward toward completion on ALL these projects I wanted to get done.

This makes for a great start because I can get everything all organized on paper. Writing it all down on paper looks fantastic! (insert sarcasm here!) I could figure out where in my schedule I’m supposed to work on the projects. I could make a plan to carve out the time.

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But if I added up 10 projects x 10 minutes I’m looking at nearly two hours of projects that I’m supposed to be doing each day!

You can see how this would quickly become overwhelming or perhaps, impossible. I was also dealing with just giving birth to my baby girl, also my husband works self-employed workweek hours and it being summer time, I had my four older children at home too! (like I said, call me crazy!) Quickly these extra projects that I really wanted to do were push aside for life ‘getting in the way’ 🙂 and nothing (of my projects) got done.

While this may not seem like a big deal — okay so I didn’t get my extra projects finished — does it matter?! — My plate was full! I shouldn’t even care! (I had set myself an impossible schedule to keep!) — BUT internally I was devastated.

Because, for me, these projects were giving me a break from my life responsibilities. These projects are what I would mentally plan for while I was simultaneously cleaning the house. I would be thinking that once I get done my cleaning I’ll be able to have my 10 minutes ( of ‘freedom!’ 🙂 ) working on my project (writing!) that I really love to do!

But those proverbial 10mins of actually doing my projects never came.

There was no free time.

There were no projects being completed

There were no projects even being worked on.

1) – Ditch multitasking ourselves.

Ruth Soukup usually has lots of free training offered on her website Living Well Spending Less.com. Which I love signing up for! In one of her recent training, she handed out this ‘Weekly Wizard’,  which is basically a weekly planning sheet to organize your schedule. The problem I found with her weekly wizard though, is that you are to have ONE goal for the entire week!

One goal!

I couldn’t believe it. It blew my mind. I thought there’s no way that I would stick with doing one goal. It sounded way to easy! But I tried it! Awesome!  Ruth helps you break down your priority list in such a way that if you actually finish that one goal and then you can move on to the next top priority goal that you do have listed if you have time for it that week.

This was encouragement for me as I had spent the whole summer working on 10 projects and got nowhere! I wasn’t an epic failure for not being able to juggle everything I thought I had time for — I was planning wrong! 

Laser focus on one goal!

CHALLENGE: So if any of this resonates with you… (and probably does as you’ve read this far 🙂 ) pick your top goal that you’re want to get done this week and try sticking with it for the week.  Watch the magic happen. What you want to get done will actually get done, instead of “life” just happening at you. 

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free 7-day productivity mini-course for moms that are so busy, they never seem to have enough time to do the tings that they love!

2) – Multitasking ourselves chews up tons of extra time.

Multitasking (or task switching) cause you to lose anywhere between 15 – 25 min per interruption. If you are a SAHM or side hustler working from home with the little ones around … well … there’s not much to say as you know there will be tons of interruptions. (currently ‘Paw Patrol’ is helping me finish writing out this post! AH!)  

I was an epic task-switcher this past summer with my 10 projects for 10 mins. In fact, you could say that entire days of no projects being touched where days of continual task-switching!

So taking a ‘one-goal-per-week’ — rule of thumb, I’ve added on top of that; batch working!

Batch work is; grouping small similar tasks together and working on ONLY them for a set amount of time (60-90mins). I started to do batch work more and more. Not just for the biz but household stuff too. Preparing bottles, baby food pouches, folding laundry etc. I love it! because when I’m finished … it feels so good to say to myself “I may feel like I got nothing done today, but I set out to fold all the laundry and I did it!” (It may sound simple, but in the trenches, you know it’s huge!) 

In conclusion, it’s proven by all the productivity gurus that multitasking leads us to nowhere. Multitask to somewhere by chopping up that huge ‘to-do’ list. Find one goal you REALLY want to accomplish this week and with laser focus and batching — work on it till completion.

You got this busy mom! 

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By: Sharon Schuler

multitasking ourselves to nowhere is a trap we can so easily fall into, as there are so many things we want to accomplish! How to do it all? www.sharonschuler.com


Sharon Schuler

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