When the summer heat comes at you with a vengeance (+90F or +30C) and you find yourself scrambling to find light summer pj’s for the kids, and you realize you don’t have enough. What you do have is in the laundry. What do you do?


While some may suggest “Put the baby to bed in his diaper … only.” There could be a problem with your toddler taking off his diaper. You NEED something on him.


Start by selecting a regular light weight winter sleeper. (I used a cotton/polyester blend that wont fray in the wash) I took a sleeper that is to small for my toddler (sleeper is 18m and he’s about a 2T) Obviously he’ll NEVER wear it again. But here is my opportunity to extend the life and use of this worn out, doesn’t fit, sleeper for my little guy.


Grab a good pair of cutting scissors. Go about 4 – 6″ from the crotch and cut straight across. (That’s right … I said cut!!)  Go 2 – 3″ from the armpit and cut straight across. Making sure you have enough room leftover in the arms and legs so the cut up sleeper wont ride down their armpits or up their diaper crotch.


Throw away the cut off arms and legs sleeves. You will NOT be using these for anything else creative. (= more junk lying around the house… no thanks!) By eliminating the arm and leg sleeves there in now more room in this stretchy sleeper for my big boy. The footholds that were holding back his legs are gone and the too small wrist holes that made it difficult to shoving his hands through are missing! Yeah! More wear, from this sleeper!


Voila! You have a solution to your problem. A summer sleeper for your little one and an extended life and use for an old sleeper.

By: Sharon Schuler

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Sharon Schuler

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