Never Worry Again – These Shorts Have Your Little Girl Covered!

Hack: Buy some ‘modesty shorts’ for your little girl and never worry about fly away dresses again!

There is something to be said about little girls and their pretty dresses.

They love their pretty dresses. Twirling them as high as they can go.

They love showing off their pretty dresses. Just in case you didn’t get a chance to see the dress they’ll tell you “Look at my pretty dress!” as they throw it over their heads.

They love playing as they normally do and forget that they are wearing a dress.

They love running and jumping and climbing in their pretty dresses. Taking their dresses to the limits as no other dress has been product-tested before.

Busy Mom’s & Little Girl Dresses = running after the flying dresses, rolling our eyes in embarrassment, (for ourselves or them?) muttering under our breath that we are never putting THAT little girl in another dress again.

Introducing the ‘modesty shorts’! That’s what we call them in our house because they literally protect my little girls modesty. I can gently teach them which way their pretty dress is supposed to go (DOWN… RIGHT NOW!) without freaking out that their underwear is peaking out because all you see is her modesty shorts!


I’m calm, cool, and collected. My little girls is free to play!

I was given my little girls first pair of modesty shorts from my mother. (bike shorts) They weren”t supposed to be used this way, (it was a shorts and t-shirt set) but somehow, it was way to easy to save these two little shorts for when my girls wore their dresses, and lets face it…there are a LOT of dresses at home! (in the closet, on the floor, in the dirty laundry…again, in my closet?)

When thinking about it though… how many of us Busy Moms slip a pair of bike shorts, or Spanks, or a dress slip underneath our dresses and skirts? I know I do! Keeps me comfortable; physically and mentally, knowing I don’t have to double check my skirt when my legs are crossed!

Modesty short or bike shorts are so cheap ($4 brand new) and easy to find (WalMart!) If you haven’t already – pick up a pair for your little girl and her pretty dress!

Guaranteed modesty – so you can now relax! The shorts have got your girl covered.

By: Sharon Schuler

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