Making Time for Mom

Free 7 day productivity email course

Making Time For Mom

Free 7 day productivity email course

Are you feeling tried, overwhelmed, crowded, and like you never get time to work on that project that you love to do - that project that makes you a more joy-filled mom?

Me too!

Being a stay-at-home mom, with my husband working self employed hour work-weeks, and 5 kiddos under foot, I needed a system (fast, easy, user friendly) to organize and outline all my projects that I wanted to do and needed to do for me.

And so "Making Time for Mom" was born.

An easy to use system that will get your projects organized and laid out from start to finish. Answering your questions of:

  • which project to start with first
  • what to do with ALL the other projects you want to do
  • where to find time to spend on your projects in the middle of a very busy schedule
  • how to save time for you - guilt free
  • organize your projects once and for all
  • calculate how long each project will take to do each project
  • mapping out each project to avoid the overwhelm

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Making Time For Mom | 7 day productivity email course


Learn this step by step system in 7 days to "time-line" your projects. Working in the margins of life, to finally finish the projects you've been meaning to.

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