Most women that have extra weight that their carrying around (especially around the middle) know that they need to lose it. It so SUCKS to be asked (again “sigh”) “When are you expecting?” when you’ve tried your best to actually HIDE the Post Baby Belly!

Same goes for me and my story. I’m a 30+ women, who gave birth to 4 kids, one after the other and kept some weight from each pregnancy, plus emotionally ate my way through some exhausted baby days.

Probably a familiar story. And another no surprise! I want to lose that weight!

I’ve done all my prep work, I’ve even lost some weight between having babies, (just not even close to enough) so I know what I’m getting into … a little.

But this time…well this time I have this big number to lose (40+lbs) Looming large over my head. I will have to stick with getting healthy by eating a balanced diet and exercising – for the longest time I’ve EVER done before. (I know it’s supposed to be a lifestyle, but we ‘ve got to start somewhere… right?!)

Were do I even start?

      1. 1)Ready…
      2. That’s one thing that I am… is ready. I’m type A personality that has to have all the “ducks in a row” before I jump in. Or perhaps it’s just the fact that I’m procrastinating actually starting?! But in all truth I have done my vision board (which is a bristle board that I’ve filled with pictures and saying of things that motivated me and will continue to motivate me in weight-loss)and hung it in my bedroom.I’ve completed my list of reasons why; compiling a list of all the reason why getting healthy is the best course of action. I thought this was the dumbest exercise ever, but once I started writing… I have a PAGE of “why” I need to get healthy! (and it’s serious stuff. (ie. Preventing type 2 diabetes when my daughter and husband have type 1! Ouch!))

        I’ve picked my start date. I love the beginning of the month or the beginning of the week. The beginning feels so fresh and full of possibilities.

        I have my small pile of workout clothes, complete with a sports bra. (Never owned one in my twenty’s!) and running shoes.

        I’ve my food dairy app uploaded and ready to go. (myfitnesspal app ….LOVE it!!!) And I know how many calories I’m to eat per day and more importantly, I’ve broken it down how many calories per meal. If you need help figuring out your calorie count. Google it… literally “calorie calculator” and go from there.

        Best of all I invested in a workout routine that I’ve already took a peek at and know that I’ll love. Jillian Michaels “Body Revolution” is 3 sets of 5 CD’s, where you start with easier workouts and then get pushed to harder and harder workouts. Building your stamina. Each day has a 30min exercise plan. No excuses … time to start. (ahahahah!!) weight2

      3. 2)Set…
      4. Pick a time of day that works for you to exercise and plan your meals. I’m know that just because I want to lose weight DOES’NT mean I will… I need to PLAN WHEN! Scheduling it literally into my calendar. It’s going to take some work, … who am I kidding…. it’s going to take a LOT of work to lose 40+lbs. Everyone know it’s work to lose weight and keeping it off. Question is; What time of the day? I know that my power hours are in the morning and I will get the most done. But I’m also a stay-at-home-mom, and I know that with my 2 little pre-K kids in bed for a nap after 1pm will be the best time for me to workout. Because I’m at home eating from my own fridge I will have the opportunity to figure out my food calories before I sit down and eat them. weight1


        Figure out how and when you can do this!

        Any part-time or full-time working moms reading this? Please add any of your hints and tips of how you prepare healthy meals on the go and exercising with work/home/kids etc. in the comments below! I would love to hear your wisdom! What do you do?

      5. 3)Go…
      6. Alright girl, time to start. To invest 30mins each day. To invest in food when I’m hungry, and with healthy balanced food. Time to strap on the running shoes. I don’t know about you but I’ve GOT to stop thinking of this as weight loss and think of it as getting healthy. Mental prep time!weightIt’s not all about the size that I am, but the condition my body is in. My core is too soft and I slouch all day, by mistake. My terrible posture is now causing my back to start to curve forward at the top. (humpback?! ahahah!) I need a healthy life style change, not a fast pound drop and it’s time to start. I need to take care of what I have. I’m tired of being over weight – literally!

        Mentally, I know I have to stop thinking about this with a fear of failure. But to be honest there is a fear of success as well. If I get in shape; Will I act differently? Will it change WHO I am? Or just WHAT I look like? (+healthy body!) I don’t know. This is all uncharted territory for me.  My past aged; 18year old attitude of “I don’t’ believe in exercise.” Ouch!!!

I can see looking back how far I’ve come. I know I have a huge journey ahead. I believe in exercise and healthy eating now, and it’s going to change my life!

Click here to check out what happens next! (it’s kinda ironic)

By: Sharon Schuler


P.S. I’ll keep you posted on monthly progress! … bear with me… this may take a little while!! 🙂 (online accountability <3)

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Sharon Schuler

5 comments on “Losing Post Baby Weight | 3 steps to begin!”

  1. This is great Sharon! I have been struggling with trying to get healthier too, I really need to commit to daily walking and stretching. Also I need to stop the after dinner, after kids are in bed, eating…..I am heavier then I was post baby, almost with baby! ugh, not good! I will be following you and encouraging you. Girl, you’ve got this!!
    hugs and support

    • Love the love and support across the distance 🙂 Thanks Emily!! I hear yah! … the after dinner snacking is a killer. I almost think of it though as “me” time and a way for me to relax…I FINALLY get to sit down and eat that special cookie that the kids don’t know about but then I have another one. etc. I’m glad to know that you are following along! I <3 this accountability! great motivation!!
      ~ Sharon =)

  2. Woo hoo! I will be cheering you on! Totally agree. It’s a LIFESTYLE change. You are changing your life…for the better. Best kind of lifestyle change there is! Focus on getting healthy and the weight will come off before you know it.
    So excited for you!

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