So busy today…

So much to do on the to-do-list today…

Even if there is no “to-do list” today, I think there is enough mom work to keep everyone busy with; laundry, picking up toys, groceries, supper cooking, kiddos napping, kiddos homework… etc.

Then it happens —

something comes up in that email for my meeting next week and WHAM! the day is put in my own crisis mode because I have to figure this email out, and the “to-do list” gets pushed aside again.

Solutions need to be thought of.

People need to be contacted.

Possible scenarios need to be thought through.

Possible arguments need to run through my mind.

Possible different angles need to be cautiously looked at.

And today is DONE!

I didn’t finish my mom work today because I was busy — so busy — importantly busy

— worrying and trying to figure out tomorrow.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you got so wrapped up in a project at work that EVERYTHING else fades away?

Gotten so wrapped up in a email or fb post that was a huge curve ball that you never saw coming?

Gotten so anxious about an upcoming event that you had been planning for?

Planned everything out so carefully for a certain date and yet the unexpected still happens and you are left winging it?

I hear you!

Everything can be ready for a “perfect” tomorrow and yet today has been spent on planning  tomorrow.

I know there are things that need to be planned for in advance.

Babysitter for the kids need to be booked before hand, or airplane tickets bought well ahead of time.

I’m talking about the brain power, typing power, sleeplessness power that you unnecessarily lose as you WORRY and try to inefficiently figure out tomorrow — today.

I love having everything all planned out and nice and neat. I’ll be so prepared for an event — I’m ready to go!!!

But when the curve balls are throw at me, I can think about and spend days trying to process what just happen and how I’m going to fix it in time.

Tips for Laying Down your Worry for the Proverbial Tomorrow

1)Have someone to talk things over

This is key, especially if your getting obsessive with your planning. That trusted outsider opinion or perspective may just be the reality check to stop — leave the situation that is out of your control alone — helping you to move on.

2)Setting boundaries

Set boundaries for people and your time. If your constantly using your time and days responding and reacting to emails (etc.) as you get them — set specific amounts spent on email per day. (ie. 8am for 30mins and 5pm for 30mins) No need to constantly check every time there is a notification. (unless you’re in a big project?!) You waste your mental, emotional, and time if you are always available. With specific boundaries set for yourself and others on HOW you use your time, you’ll be able to accomplish something on your “to-do list”.

3) Make a brain dump list.

This is great for the unexpected situations that can come up. List out what you are dealing with. In a column beside it, list the pros and cons. Underneath list your action plan of what you can do. I find this very helpful for the community volunteer work I do. There is nothing that makes me feel out-of-control than working with other people (which is good for us type A moms 🙂 )  With a problem clearly stated and a plan to try, it can be easier to move on from the problem you are spending your day worrying about. I love using my app on my cell phone to organize these thoughts so I don’t forget anything.

4) Get out of the house.

Sometimes we can get so close to our expected problem and it’s SO HARD to stoop trying to think about it. This is a great time to grab the car keys and the kids and head out the door. Packing your day with errands (etc.) is enough to make anyone forget for a time what they need to figure out. When you are finished running around outside the house, it’s easier to come back with a fresher perspective and ready attitude to tackle what lies ahead.

So the next time you are facing a day that is about to be “written off” because you’ve gotten nothing accomplished, as you entered crisis mode — WORRYING about tomorrow — today, remember to try these 4 tips, to help you power through and accomplish one thing that you need to. It can make all the difference between feeling like a success today or a failure.

By: Sharon Schuler


‘Yet I am always with you: you hold me by my right hand.’  Psalm 73:23 (NIV)


Sharon Schuler

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