Kids Birthday Party’s. I can feel the universal groan and cheer of parents of young children around the world.

So many mixed feelings.

Overwhelmed; You have your kid’s Birthday party with the friends over. Then another party to celebrate with the grandparents, aunts and uncle. Next you need to have a cake and a present on the actual BIRTH-day. Before all of these party’s though, don’t forget to clean the house… especially before mom comes over (sorry mom).

Frantic; Can’t forget to make a list of the extra food you’ll need to buy and cook. Most importantly don’t forget to hang up those balloons and streamers the night before the party, when your exhausted because you’ve just spent the day cleaning and picking up toys (again) while trying to vacuum around JR’s playing — making the house presentable. No worries though, the next child to have a birthday is in about — three weeks! (AH!)

Busy; I’m groaning just writing this down!

I LOVE celebrating birthday’s! … but seriously…

the overwhelmed, frantic, feelings that precede a birthday, can eclipse the excitement for the actual reason that you are celebrating in the first place.

Excited; Who doesn’t love celebrating— especially the children!!! Oh, their excitement and their joy when we talk about their up-coming birthday, who they are going to invite, what food they would LOVE to eat and what they would just ‘die-for’ to get as a birthday present because that’s what they’ve really wanted for just, like, forever!!!

And the balloons —- balloons are such a HUGE hit, it will be a freezing cold day in July (in Canada) before mom forgets to hang up balloons!? Their excitement can be contagious. Kinda like a run-away train — if we are not careful!

So suck it up busy mom and throw your kid another birthday party! (even if it “kills” you?!)

…. Or maybe, just maybe — try tweaking these 3 things for small changes and big results.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas | that WONT “kill” you!

1) Talk to someone to get a ‘bird’s eye’ vision of what you do for your kid’s birthday party’s:

Find a close friend, or your husband to talk to about your plans. When you talk to someone else about what you plan to do for your kid’s birthday party, secretly watch their reaction and body language to your plans.

Reactions of shock and raised eye brows may be an indication that you are going overboard  or taking on WAY TO MUCH — at this time — for your kid’s birthday party.

If you like, go a step farther and share your feelings of overwhelmed, frantic and high expectations. Their view (which is a step back from the situation ) will help you to untangle what is most important to you and your child’s birthday — what you should keep — and what’s over the top for a 3yr old!

2) Communicate to the extended family or friends:

This one can go a long way. 

If you’ve been inviting the whole family and the extended family or friends to come and celebrate your child’s birthday all this time — but now your exhaustion is saying “enough” YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL — with everyone!

Don’t party in silence and in dread of the family’s or friends reaction. Go ahead and tell them. “We are not doing an extended family or friends birthday party this year, we are changing things up a bit because it’s just too much” Don’t forget to also communicate to your child the tweak in plans.

They’ll understand…. eventually…. or suffer a crazy parent!!!

3) Prioritize your birthday party expectations:

What do you and your child absolutely LOVE to do for birthday’s?

Top of the List is?_________________________________________________________________________

Make sure THAT happens.

Then list things underneath it by rank of most important at the top — to least important at the bottom.

When you are done your list, can you cross out the bottom 5? The bottom 10?

Where is your cut-off line? Literally write down that list and draw that line… stick to it… enough is enough!

What is the one thing that will make or break this birthday celebration?

For us it’s a no brainer: cake, balloons, singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, and treating that birthday person like they are the KING of our world that day!

I’ve recently had another birthday, which I’ve been blessed to share with my 4yr old daughter! (seriously, … I don’t know how that happened and I feel super blessed!! 2 for 1) Guess what! My mother-in-law offered to host the whole shebang!!! It was the perfect birthday present EVER!!! Zero stress!!! 

Birthdays mashed up together has made it tricky and made = 1 EXHAUSTED mom!

So I get it!

Overwhelmed and excited,

Dreading and anticipating

the wonderful JOY 🙂 :S

of Kids Birthdays!

Be picky and choosy Busy Mom… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (with groans and cheers)

By: Sharon Schuler

Sharon Schuler

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