We had a problem in our house of backpacks lying around all the time. (Sound familiar?!)Even the little ones who don’t go to school have diaper bags lying around!

Hint: Use dead wall space for organizing kids backpacks!

We do have a organized mudroom that could hold backpacks but it was to far from where backpacks are filled and emptied. It was a consent reminder to put backpack away (far away?!) in the mudroom. While I had this idea of “They will learn what they need to do.” More often then not I was the one cleaning up and putting away back packs, or (best yet) NAGGING the kids to put “YOUR BACKPACK AWAY!”  (nagging sucks!!!!)

My solution was to find a dead corner space that had hardly any traffic going by and installing hooks along the wall, from top to bottom. Right there. In the far corner of our kitchen (which is where all the activity happens in our house.) Maybe you have enough space to do this in a unused corner or perhaps behind a door?

I used some hooks that I had found in our toolbox. But hooks are so CHEAP. You can find hooks at any of your local hardware stores. (or even online! I <3 online shopping!)

I made sure to space the hooks evenly apart; staggering the hooks on alternating walls. This gives enough space for each backpack to hang in it’s spot. Trying to hit a stud in the wall or using a drywall anchors was the hardest part of this little project.

Some backpacks are up pretty high, but those are more our diaper bags. It’s good they are high up as they are constantly full of supplies ready to grab and go at a moments notice, and I wouldn’t want the little ones playing in them.

Best part about this set up; is when the kids hang up the backpacks without being told!!!! I love it! Works for us! What works for you? Feel free to add your thought in the comments below.

By: Sharon Schuler

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Sharon Schuler

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