Tip: Natural cleaning care for your kettle or coffee maker

Isn’t it true that the first thing in the morning —

a nice cup of warm coffee or tea can set our day up for success.

Not that the joy of our days rise and fall  on our of morning cup of joe.

But … pretty close.

There is nothing that sets my day off grumpy then when I start drinking and feel the gritty feel of limescale IN MY MORNING COFFEE.

Oh! Right… cleaning the kettle is usually on my “to–do–list.”, but rarely gets done or thought about expect when I’m down to the bottom 1/4 of my cup and it needs to get thrown out! Gross!

Keeping your kettle clean will help it boil efficiently besides keeping your hot drinks taste the way they should. This method works fast and is all natural – using easy ingredients in your pantry.

How to descale and clean your kettle naturally.

Step 1; Making up a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Fill up the kettle to the maximum line.

 Step 2; Bring the kettle to a boil and leave it to soak for two hours minim, and overnight maximum. After it finished soaking, pour out the vinegar solution.

Step 3; Rinse out kettle thoroughly. Refilling it with fresh water to the maximum, bring this to a boil. Pour this water out. If there is a persistent vinegary smell, rinse out kettle again, filling it again with fresh water to the maximum. Bring it to boil and pour it away.

Step 4; You can use lemon flesh to rub any marks off outside thee kettle. Then, using a warm soapy cloth rinse and dry the outside of the kettle. Also don’t forget to empty the water out every evening so you always start with fresh water the next morning.

Idea and steps taken from “Express HouseKeeping” by: Anna Shepard

By: Sharon Schuler





Sharon Schuler

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