What DAYS we busy moms have!

From the time I get up at 6am to the time that I go to bed at 10pm. My day feels non stop. There are slower times in the day and frantic time too, but it’s just non-stop. It’s after 8pm right now and I just finished hanging up the last load of laundry on the clothes line out side. I don’t mind the work at home as much. With summer started I’ve only been off the farm a couple times this past week.

Some of the running around outside the home has come to a halt. But the running around in home… that is non-stop.

As I stood there outside with the setting sun warming my back…. thoughts of how “exhausted I am of this grind.” floats through my heart.

It literally doesn’t end.

The dishwasher always has dishes in and out of it.

The laundry is a never-ending shifting pile between dirty, clean and dry.

The food prep station in the kitchen is daily being exercised (which is a good thing because I still can’t seem to find the time to make exercise a priority for myself.)

Toys are still stuck in the halfway stage of being cleanup, yet, not quite.

There is still dirt on the floor of my kitchen, no matter how many times I swept up today. (or didn’t)

My story of; – house to clean, work to finish, volunteering to pour into, and best yet… kids to take care of; this is not just my story – it’s your story too!

Sure there maybe the variation of the working-mom, who wishes to pause the daily grind of her commute and work schedule to just get ahead in the housecleaning department and have more time to spend with the kids during the day.

There is the part-time working mom that would love for a moment to halt the grind of the constant need to balance ALL the schedules.

There is the SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) that dreams of some days to shower in peace and actually have time to sit a drink a full HOT cup of coffee all in one shot.

There is the mom that has been gifted with taking care of a special needs child. This mom would love, on-some-days,  to have a different grind for a while.

Why do I – Why do you – Why do we; tell ourselves the one lie, that can take an exhausted mother at the end of her day and sink her low in the depression of the her work… “YOU ARE ALONE!”… “No one else understands what you are going through”… “No one else will get it”… “You work so hard for what?” This one thought can take us from floating our daily grind, to drowning underneath it. The thought that no one else has to do what you do.

I felt this lie whisper to me tonight. And for a moment I just sat there. Clothes drying in the last rays of the sunset breeze and felt so sorry for myself. “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS.” I felt this cry in my heart.

This is such a lie that in our – Busy Mom – exhausted minds, can give into, going to bed; crying, or depressed, pessimistic, or bitter, or even angry about our situation.

I’m a mom, I get it. Your a mom, you get it. What a beautiful thought RIGHT THERE to just cling to in those moments, especially at the end of the day. Though I’m standing here in my spot of the world and you are siting over there, you get me, you knew exactly what I was talking about the moment that you started reading.

Peace floods my soul at that thought in the wee morning hours, when nursing my baby. “I am NOT the only mom out there this early morning hour, wishing I was in my bed.”

Calm enters my mind when I know that my house is NOT the only house out there with dirty dishes in the sink and a pile of laundry still to go through at the end of the day.

Joy fills my heart, when I think of sitting down with you for a cup of coffee and I would say. “What a crazy week!” And you would say “I hear you!”

Knowing that God gave us all – this job that we are knee-deep in right now, on purpose, is settling. That He gave us each other to lean on while we are knee-deep, is amazing.

If you are needing hope in your daily grind, right now, I encourage you to start with prayer and end with a friend.

Do you need a mom friend to talk about your faith life? Intentionally call a friend that you know would be willing to talk about faith with you.

Do you need a mom friend to talk to about you crazy week or wayward child? Intentionally call your friend that will listen to you pouring your heart out.

Do you need a mom friend that will fill you up with encouragement? Intentionally call your mom friend that is a great talker and will speak the words that you need to hear today, and mentor you.

The daily grind is the HARD part of being a mom. I didn’t know that pre-kids. I do now, and so do you … And that makes me SMILE!

By: Sharon Schuler




Sharon Schuler

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