3 Reasons of why you should get rid of your wedding dress and 3 ideas on how!

The Wedding is Over, and not in a bad way! =)

All the planning and the cost is finished. Honeymoon was great, but now gone. You are the women who is now living the life of being “married” FINALLY to the man of your dreams!

I LOVED my wedding dress … till I had to wear it for my entire wedding. There were uncomfortable places in that big dress that I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. But when the time came to wedding dress declutter – it’s hard to let go of the dress that you got married in.

3 Reasons of WHY You Should Get Rid of Your Wedding Dress:

  1. 1)This dress is huge and taking up precious closet space.
  2. It’s also reminding you every time you look at it of how much money you spent on it. And let’s face it; not many daughter will be re-wearing their mothers wedding dresses on their wedding day. Sure it may be a cool dress-up outfit but it’s NOT going down the aisle on your daughter. That dress is parked! If your wedding dress is still at your mom’s house – time to go get it and declutter your mom’s closet. (Seriously – these dress can be huge taking at least 6ft of closet space!!)
  3. 2)Someone else may need it.
  4. …Not your daughter – but someone else. AND someone else will NEVER be able to make wedding dress memories in that dress because you haven’t decluttered and passed it on.
  5. 3)Your NEVER going to be wearing it again.
  6. One way or another, that dress is never going out in public on YOU again.wedding2 So enjoy your wedding photos and say bye-bye. It’s time for the wedding dress to go – one way or another!

3 Ideas on How to Get Rid of Your Wedding Dress

  1. 1)A second hand store!
  2. A GREAT place your wedding dress can go. Here is a special second hand store that I want to share with you – I wish I had found it earlier; ‘The Bride Project’  If your dress is 3 years old or less, (I waited to long 🙁 ) this boutique in Toronto accepts your wedding dresses along with a picture and memory of you in your dress! (How cool is that!)Then they re-sell the dress giving all the procedures to support cancer charity’s. If you don’t live near Toronto – no worries on their website they have description of how and where to mail your dress too. Click here to check out their website and watch there promo video! (this is NOT an affiliate link)
  3. 2)Trash the Wedding dress photo shoot
  4. Looks so fun!!! Here are some fun pictures I found. (literally Google “trash the dress’) Whatever the reason of WHY you would choose this option. – This may be a great way to see your wedding dress die. Which may sound morbid. But what a fun way to re-wear your dress in public and get some more great pictures and in the end – no one else will be wearing your dress – because it was yours right up till the very end!
    weddingI would love to do this one day – not right now because = My reason is to lose enough weight to fit BACK into my wedding dress and as a reward to myself for accomplishing the goal of dropping 3 dress sizes, I’ll get some really fun photos with me and my wedding dress and some friends or maybe the husband…. could be like an anniversary thing. We’ll see! wedding1
  5. 3)Sell it.
  6. I tried this one on Kijiji. There are a ton of wedding dresses in that market. Seems like a lot of women are ready to lose the big white whale, but if you price your dress right, and try selling right away while it’s still in style, hopefully you’ll be able to sell. You can also try getting a designer or a boutique to sell your dress. The bridal shop will probably charge you a commission, but it would be, money well spent. They have the traffic you couldn’t duplicate, giving you the chance at a better sell. Having your wedding dress cleaned and stored properly will definitely up your price in this situation.

That’s it for wedding dress ideas!

Do you still have your wedding dress? What are your plans with it? Let me know what your doing with your big white whale in the comments below!

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By: Sharon Schuler


Sharon Schuler

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