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I’m so excited to share this with you!

Recently, I was asked, “How do you get supper on the table in such a short time?” Not because I have a secret 3 ingredient supper or use store bought pre-made meals but because my friend knew that the turn around time from when we got home to when supper had to be on the table was short. Very short. I think a lot of us are in the same situation.

Bring to life — this eBook.

I share my arsenal of supper recipes that I use, over and over again. They have ingredients in them that I can switch out to keep suppers interesting. By pre-making my meats or using my Crockpot, I can get supper on the table in a short amount of time. NO hours spent over a stove here!

Hope this eBook gives you a keeper recipe or two, or SEVEN!!!

ebook for simple suppers

Busy Moms can have so many responsibilities to juggle. Most of the time we can handle it. Or so we say — Sometimes we need a little extra help, even in the details. Here’s a little help from me to you …”7 Simple Suppers” an FREE eBook for Blog subscribers.

My stack of go-to recipes that make my life easier!

I’m not a chef, or a foodie, an organic, or a naturalist, or vegan. Just take away all the labels and you are left with a regular mom cooking regular food in her regular kitchen. Yes, I can try to make the healthier choice with EXACTLY what I find down our regular grocery store aisle. If you revel in any of the above labels, that’s fine, and good for you. I think you could still use these “7 Simple Suppers” and swap out what you need to. In fact, everyone could try swapping out things once in a while. Tried of having spaghetti noodles all the time with your spaghetti? Swap it out for some yummy egg noodles! Little change — Big difference!


When you Subscribe to my Blog you will receive 7 detailed recipes, that look like the one above in my FREE eBook “7 Simple Suppers”. You will also receive tips and tricks cheatsheet that deal with kids at the dreaded supper table. (If you don’t have this problem with your little kids — Bless you — and please write a book with all your Supper-Hack-Secrets inside!) Also after you’ve printed off this little eBook you can rank the recipes from 1 to 10 on how well your family liked the supper in the recipe Index! Making your arsenal of recipes customized to your family’s preferences. Lastly, there is a master grocery list at the back of “7 Simple Suppers” or you can choose an individualized grocery list depending on what’s for supper!

As a BONUS to my subscribers — you will receive full access to my FREE Printable Library — which is a constantly growing private page. It’s my way to say thank-you for being a reader! Sneak a peek at some of the Library goodies here.

Just fill in your name and email and enjoy the goodies in your email inbox. Hoping that you find some helpful keeper recipes inside and are encouraged, Busy Mom!

By: Sharon Schuler

Sharon Schuler

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