Let’s start with a little fill-in-the-blank game. Ready? ok – go. 

The false starts of weight-loss look like … You make a plan.

A solid plan for weight loss. 

Your going to eat _______which equals ______ amount of calories a day. You will lose ______ amount of weight by _______date. You will exercises ______ amount per day. Cardio will be done _______ times per week, and strength training will be done ______ times per week.

Somewhere along the way though, ______ slips into your plan and bumps your plan a little off track. Then — a little more.

Next thing you know _____ amount of time has gone by and you have QUIT your weight loss plan altogether.

Sound familiar.

This is me!

I’ve called these — “my false starts”.

….“I didn’t really mean it that time.”

….“Next time, when I’m done, I’ll look more like Jillian Michaels.”

….“Next time I`ll work harder at it and I won’t quit”

…….False starts.

I think 2016 has been a year of “false starts” for me. While this could be could be a depressing….

It’s not!

Because I think its time I STOP calling my “attempts” —- false starts.

It’s too narrow…..

To focused on the “right now”.

I’m staring at the trees when I really need to remember the ENTIRE forest.

false starts of weight-loss

4 Ways to Move Forward After a “False Start of Weightloss” 

1) Pick Out the Accomplishments to Celebrate:

This time last year I weighed 10lbs more. Point to celebrate instead of beating myself up for not losing the planned 40lbs by this December. 

What can you celebrate for you right NOW? Your accomplishments? Or your body?

Pick something to celebrate.

2)Big Picture Focus

It’s not about the weight loss and how skinny I am. (though the scale may be a tool to be used) It’s about eating mostly right and exercising. Taking care of my body as a whole. Not the number on the scale.

Get the BIG Picture or your WHY in mind.

Jillian Michaels says (can you tell I’m a fan … LOL) If you have a reason WHY you can endure ANY HOW!!!

Write down your “whys” today! Why do you need to get healthy, or eat right, or sleep more? etc…

3)Hang my Happiness

If my happiness depends on a weight number I didn’t reach, I’m hanging way too much of my happiness on ME and my HEALTH.

Any of us have a health story ourselves or of someone who we know, that had their health taken away in an instant. Whether through a heart attack, stroke, postpartum depression…. etc. Our HEALTH is a very thin thread to hang our happiness on. If I’m healthy and do XYZ = I be happy! = WRONG! 

We all know that there are NO guarantees to our health. That’s why our purpose in life and why we do what we do has to be more than weight loss. Sometimes I lose sight of that because I can get so focused on the number. Weight loss is a small piece of WHO I am.

What is your purpose in life? Write down a list of your BIG purposes all the way down to your small purposes. Where does weight loss fall? 

4)Learn More about You

Every time I’ve stopped my “get healthy plan” something had derailed me. After this past year of many stops and starts, I’ve learned somethings about myself that can be useful for when I start my next attempt. In fact, I started writing them down. Example: Checking my weight once a week will derail my whole program. So I wait until I’m pretty sure my body feels a little lighter — than I jump on the weight scale with the expectation “I hope I lost 1lbs” …. by the time I FINALLY weight myself — of course, I lost more than 1lbs. But mentally I find that if I didn’t lose what I expected — I lose ALL motivation when I “fail the scale”. While on the other hand, I know that if I write down what I eat  — I’ll eat healthier in a day, and it keeps me motivated. 

Learn more about you. Get into the details. What derails you? Avoid it! What inspires you to continue? Keep that close by. What reward would you get healthy and work toward? Keep a picture of your reward on your mirror. So you don’t like most vegetables? Which ONE do you like that you can eat? Google some recipes for it!

Learn about YOU!!!

My weight loss update is that I have lost 10lbs in the last 3 months. I need to lose more but it’s not coming off right now. I’m trying not to beat myself up about that and missing my 40lbs off by this December. To keep moving forward. I’m going to spend some time focusing on exercising. While being a Busy Mom that is constantly moving — I find it’s usually in slow toddler like speed.

I need to exercise, not just for weight loss, but to reduce stress, giving myself a “break” time, and boosting energy. It takes 21 days to start a habit. So “here we go”… I won’t say “Here we go, Again!” Don’t you either!!! Pick something and keep imperfectly working on it! I will too!

By: Sharon Schuler 

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weight-loss when you are stuck

Sharon Schuler

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