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Reason: I love reading other mom posts of ‘a day in a life’ so I was inspired to do my own! I think ‘a day in a life’ is a great way to share our routines of what is working in our lives at the moment. It’s an inspiration celebration! So here we go …

… Got to love this halfway point in the school year (is it just me or does it feel like the kids just started school … ah, nevermind that’s just me complaining about all the snow days the kids have had this past week! <3 Canada!) Anyways a halfway point feels like there is a chance of setting things right that slide to the side (i.e. kids to do their homework) and a chance still to redeem the school year. Here a peek into our day in a life type post.


Got to love morning wake up right?!! (ugh! Not me, I wish I was a morning person) The hubby is up and gone to barn chores around 4:30 am … he’s a dairy farm ya’ll … not me (at least not yet 😉 )

I dream feed my baby the night before at 11 pm so I don’t roll out of bed until 7:30 am — when I have to get up for the school breakfast routine. The kids do wake up before me (obviously) and they help themselves to TV time (which is preset at their channel and volume by daddy the night before (TVO kids!), so all they have to do when they wake up is turn it on) Which they can do as our oldest is now 8 (ahahah!) Who am I kidding the three yr old almost can turn on the TV himself!

7:30 am wake up and breakfast prep. Kids go get dressed as I get breakfast on the table (in classy pj’s and housecoat with coffee stains on it!) Or maybe your like Alison and get up at this time to do this … ? (not me! at least not yet!) Baby wakes up around this time too, or at least I think she does. She’s just smiling and cooing in her crib. (she’s 7m already!)

7:40 am kids make there own lunches around me while I get breakfast on the table (oatmeal, toast, scrambled eggs, cold cereal, fruit, and coffee! And no all this food isn’t for one person but some get something a little different for different reasons )

7:50 am Everyone is eating breakfast including the hubby who is in from barn chores.

8:05 am School kids are brushing their teeth and finding their socks getting ready to head out the door. Last minute grabs for the packing the backpacks (i.e. forgotten library books)

8:15 am Carpool  arrives to pick up our school kids

8:40 am School starts

freebie library

9:00 am I’ve finished my breakfast and feeding the baby her oatmeal, clean her up and start cleaning up the kitchen. While making that 2nd cup of joe. Hubby may or may not still be in the house at this point (depending on the farming season) If he is still in the house he will help with dishes and laundry and sweep (those never-ending battles that he helps make it possible to stay on top of <3 he’s awesome like that) He may close his eyes for 10mins on the couch and then he heads back out to the barn.

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9:30 am The baby needs to go back to bed around this point so I turn on the tv in the living room for my pre-schooler and head upstairs to put the baby to bed and grab a quick shower (or sometimes a not so quick shower) Keeping the tv as a babysitter for my 3yr old is not ideal, and I don’t like it, but trying to put the baby to sleep with a yelling “mommy!” voice is a no go too. GOAL: I’m really trying to catch the baby’s sleep window and lay her down right away so she can put herself to sleep and I can take like 5mins to tuck her in, working on it!

10:30 am The house is quiet with just me and my preschooler and I feel like I can do anything that I set my mind to. This until 2:30 pm are my power hours. Yeah! I’m pumped! Jakob and I will grab a snack and then side by side we will blast through chores. Well, maybe not blast, but I’ll pick one thing that I need to work on and head to it. This is the time that I’ll try to have set aside for anything that is physical.

11:30 am Baby is up

11:45 am Start thinking about lunch


12:15 am Wish that I had started lunch 15 mins ago. Someone’s probably crying at this point. So, feed the baby, J, and myself. The hubby may or may not join us at this time. Sometimes we just miss each other but with the two little ones needing lunch I don’t wait, and to be honest there are some days that he comes in and lunch isn’t even started yet and he gets that ball rolling (he’s awesome like that and I seriously don’t know how single parents do it… )

1 pm Lunch is cleaned up and baby is nursed and put back down to sleep. Because the hubby is usually gone back outside at this point I put the TV on for J while I’m upstairs with the baby. (if she’s fussy) Some days it’s creampie smooth and other days I feel like I’m trying to get her to sleep for the entire afternoon and other days I’m to exhausted to care (or notice?) ya feeling me baby mom?!

1:20 pm Baby is down for a nap (hopefully) and now is my 2nd most exciting time of the day! Emails, meeting prep-work, meetings post-work, blog writing, social media scheduling and more and more of my office work!

… which I love most of the time but it does look like a black hole too. As in you could work on it for forever

2:55 pm Oh crap! I totally forgot about supper. What was on the supper list?! Totally forgot!  What food do I have around the house? Fridge? Freezer? Pulling something out quickly because I need to go, like, right NOW, to pick up the kids from school.

3:00 pm I’m not late in leaving the house yet to pick up the kids from school

3:15 pm I’m soooooooooo late at picking the kids up from school. I’m the worst mom ever and can never get my act together to get out the door on time and I wish I had left at least 5 mins ago and wait, I forgot to put the rice in the rice cooker. Don’t forget to wake and take the baby too! Do you ever feel like packing up the van to leave the driveway take foreeeeeeeeever?

3:35 pm pick up kids from school, being classicly late. Drive the carpool.


4:05 pm Get home and get supper quickly on the table. I’m so late! ( and ya, I mean late — we either eat a 4 pm as a family or 7:30 pm as a family and with 5 kids under 8, well I’ll say no more) Hubby is back in the house at this point and the house is hopping! Like freaky hopping. Papers flying, food trying to make it to the table, lunches getting unpacked, hands to get washed and during the winter the snow clothes heading down to the basement wood stove. Yikes! (imagine scream kids voices, two of which are trying to tell you about their day … which would be so sweet  — later. But I guess if you are still reading this far you totally get this!! Your supper too eh?)

4:45 pm Supper is over and the hubby is out the door with possible 1 to 2 kids in tow. They can play in the barn with the kittens, or play a little hockey or ride their bikes around. Also the older ones can do sweeping up the cow’s feed and they get a little mark on the family calendar under their name. Which is equal to how much we pay them. Not an allowance but an extra-chore-for-a-little-extra-money type attitude.

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5:00 pm The house looks like it blew-up with food all over the table, pots and pans stacked by the sink — but the house is quiet. Either the kids are playing with their toy in the house (especially during the winter) or a couple of them are out in the barn, or during the warmer weather, some of them are outside playing on the huge sandpile we have back there! (so much fun on that pile, but so much sand in the bath after) I feed the baby her oatmeal now if she didn’t join us for suppertime.

5:30 pm I run through spelling words and reading with the kiddos around here. Supper is cleaned up (sometimes … ) at this point and I’m sipping my decaf while sneaking the dark chocolate. Worst case scenario is the kids catch me and I have to share 😊

Freebie Library

6:30 pm Bedtime snack is on. The kids help me help themselves and this is when we (all) eat our cold cereal! Right before bed. I try to pick the brands that don’t have too much-added sugar to them (i.e cornflakes, plain cheerios, multigrain cheerios, bran) The kids get about a cup of this. i.e small snack so that they are still hungry for breakfast in the a.m.

7:15 pm Hubby is in the house and eating his cereal too. Some of the kids finish up, some of them are heading upstairs with me. Sometimes I’m trying to finish washing pots and pans. This is the part of the day that is relaxing and no pressure so though our timing may not be always the same every night the flow is definitely the same. So the kids can expect what will be happening next. Baby will be really tired at this point. Kids bath or (depending on the day) just wash their hands and face, brush their teeth, get their jammies on, (last) bathroom time. Tuck into bed with stories (like only 3 pages a night because that’s all that mommy can handle and only sometimes!!!) and sing prayers. Sometimes fill up water cups etc. This is one of my favorite moments that I treasure especially in the winter when Dan is around because we do this together. (along with more laundry and dishes at this time too) but we can do it together, (like a dance) I love doing things with him for our kids. Some moments can get a little ugly of me losing my temper and yelling at the kids to go to bed and sleep but there are these pictures of moments that happen here and they are picture perfect to me (dirty laundry trailing the floors and all)

I don’t think it can get better than this.

8:00 pm All the kids are in bed and some are sleeping. I’m sitting with the baby and her bottle in the girls’ bedroom in the nursing chair. I have my laptop set up on the footstool turned onto Netflick’s with my headphones on. The baby is fast at drinking her bottle but sometimes it can take her a while after the bottle to settle her down into “true sleep” for the night. So I’ll just sit there and pat her butt and “shhhh” in her ear till she settles down and falls asleep in my arms (while watching my movie!) I love this time, because I feel like I’m allowed to just sit and hold my baby and because nothing else is demanded of my time.  My hubby can take care of any of the stray kids that pop out of bed again. I can just sit and enjoy my baby, quiet time, and movie freedom!

9:00 pm Baby is settled (fingers cross) and I make my way with my laptop, and the last decaf to the living room couch with my hubby. He channel surfs and I internet surf. I love it! The whole point is not about the surfing it’s about the chatting that we do and the catching up that we fill each other in on. Although we see each other throughout the day and know about all the major events that went down during the day this is the opportunity to go deeper i.e. if we need to talk through something that’s been on our mind this is perfect timing with NO kids around, this is our chance!

9:30 pm Dan goes out to the barn one last time to tuck the cows in bed for the night.


10 pm Bedtime … Although I still need to dream feed baby so I don’t go to bed until …

11 pm or sometimes later 😊 But when I’m working on a project or writing out a post (yes … laptop again!) I keep going and I don’t stop (although I should) because the house is quiet and no one needs me but me. And no interruptions! I’ve inadvertently conditioned my body this way, I’ve realized because there are nights that I still feel energized and ready to keep writing at 11 pm at night. GOAL: I will be working on flipping that around for this year. When the baby is a little older and sleeps the 7am to 7pm. We are almost there.

And that’s us in a day. Of course, no ones schedule is perfect and schedules and routine change (or more like tweaking change) depending on what season of life you are in right now. Which is what I love about it too! No such thing as a set thing right?! but there is such thing as a dependability and structure of a routine. The kids love it and thrive on routine and I love it too.

Happy routine busy mom! What is your favorite part of the day? Let me know in the comments below!

By: Sharon Schuler

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A day in a life of a stay at home mom during the school routine