There is something about kids when confined to a small space (aka: the van) that can cause them to become slightly animalistic.

You and I both know what I’m talking about…

could be that we even remember those younger years when WE contributed to the problem, when WE where kids.

I know I sure did.

I had the 411 on how to get the best insane reactions from one of my brothers or sister. To their credit — they knew how to dish it back as well. Together, all of us siblings knew the best way to make our mom lose it – while she was driving the van.

It was FREE entertainment!!! (sorry mom! I understand NOW!)

Now a mom myself, there are days that I dread driving long distances with the kids, or doing our school carpool.

Enter in Robert Munch!!!

I love this guy.

The first time I heard him read one of his book on audio (…while driving in the van) I thought he was “crazy” and “what kids would listen to his exaggerated simple stories?”

Sometimes Mom’s DON’T know everything (insert sarcasm here) and boy did I get that one wrong. The kids (aged 3,5,7,8) cannot get ENOUGH of Robert Munch!!! There are around 11 stories on this one CD we have in the van and they listen to it over and over.

They now tell the story’s along with Robert. van The Best part —

no fighting,

no yelling,

no screaming,

no kicking seats,

no calling names because they are so distracted.

Thank you Robert! Sometimes the van law does have to be laid down again… (aka: Robert was not in the CD player yet and things already got out of hand…AH!) But we go over our van rules.

  1. 1)no hitting
  2. 2)no screaming
  3. 3)no potty talk
  4. 4)no kicking seats

When the kids do one of these things, I’ll ask them stop. If they persist, I’ll then pull over to the side of the road (we live in the country!) We either wait in silence, for that one child to listen, or that one child gets the lecture. (let me be honest!) Then we keep driving home.

The more we have of Robert Munch the LESS I’ve had to pull over. (Yeah!!!)

It’s not perfect, but 10x better!!!

My sister keeps children books in her van for the purpose of her kids entertaining themselves as they go on their trips.

What mom hack do you use to make life a little easier when you drive your children? Please leave your ideas, hacks, and advice for all of us “Busy Mom Van Drivers” to glean from your wisdom in the comments below!

By: Sharon Schuler


Tips, Hints, Hacks, Tricks, and Advice given and received at the beginning of the week! Don’t we all have little short cuts and mom hacks up our sleeves. Here is a day that is devoted to sharing some of those ideas and eases. Hopefully you will find a gold nugget of wisdom here and there!  Feel free to leave your wisdom in a comment below!


Sharon Schuler

8 comments on “Driving a Van Full of Kids”

  1. My children are 17, 16 and 12 and can still quote many a Robert Munch book from the audios we listened to. “Gra…..ndpa do YOU have to go pee?!” but we also enjoyed many of the Focus on the Family Audio dramas…they are VERY well done. Anne of Green Gables, Chronicles of Narnia. And Down Gilead Lane, and Jungle Jam! many hours with happy children. And for very long trips…snacks are a must, a box of fruit loops was always a special treat….divided into little snack size baggies so the box doesn’t get passed back and forth and inevitably dropped on the floor.

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