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“Declutter my Kitchen Checklist.” 65 items listed over 6pgs to inspire and encourage you to lose the clutter and gain more freedom. De-stress by getting rid of the excess. Also included; 15 ways to start living the minimalistic lifestyle, and 8 excuses you can ditch right now of WHY you can’t declutter.






Busy Mom Printable : “Website Cheat-Sheet” For all your reminding needs! This sheet gives you the ability to create more complex passwords that are stronger, more secure — but won’t be forgotten.





Busy Mom Printable : “Routine List.” For all those unexpected seasons in life that change our routine. Here is a tool to help you find a NEW routine! Simply print it off and fill it out for your peace of mind. You got this!






Busy Mom : “Snack Idea List.” This list is a; printable, customizable, tool to spark snack ideas for hungry kids! Over 26 snack ideas already listed, with room for you to add your kid’s favorites.





Busy Mom Printable : “Weekly Planner.” This one is my favorite! As it literally breaks my weeks down at a glance. Perfect for writing in my reminders to myself. Keep track of your chores, to-do lists, who you need to email, who you need to call, and what’s on the menu for family supper.






Busy Mom : “My Week Worksheet.”  This printable will help break down where you ACTUALLY spend your time! Do you need to realign your priorities or are you right on track? Do you need to find more time? … well, you have to know where you are spending your time first!





“7 Simple Suppers” Recipe book! Check out this quick 12pg eBook of seven complete and printable recipes. Including individual grocery lists or a master grocery list to make shopping a breeze. Also, a recipe index to rate your experience, and tips for getting through family time supper with little kids and picky eaters!




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~ Sharon Schuler

The purpose of Sharon Schuler | encouragement for the overwhelmed mom is to help moms be hope-filled and striving for joy in all the work that we do. Through routine ideas, helpful tips, productivity solutions, time-saving hacks, easy recipes, and stress reducing ways, I hope to encourage moms to live life on purpose, whatever stage and heart state they are in.