On the edge of something new.

The preparations have been made.

The supplies have been bought.

The talk is all about “Back to School”.

At the start of something new, there is always this promise of greatness, and possibility. Making the future plans, new routines and great ideas very exciting.

There is also something so fresh and clean about the start. It hasn’t been tainted yet by mistakes of things that should have been said or done but weren’t. It’s not tainted by the words misspoken.

It’s not tainted because it hasn’t happened yet. The ever elusive perfect future that is always being planned for, hasn’t happened yet.

Then there is the “by-gone”. Thinking back over the summer, we can quickly forget the sick days, boring days, mom blew up days and sad days. We  can remember bare footed kids, swimming lesson, vacation time, and so much getting done in the sunshine. Glossing over the past summer – making it look sweeter than what it actually was, I remove the taint of the past. In my mind the past is better than right now.

Right now?… living today? Maybe I just need to forget the anticipation of the future and the candy look of the past – Which is so hard when planning for the start of a new school year next week, and all of the new routines that it ushers in.

Finding a balance?!

One thing that I love to do – Plan for the new routine and leave it there.



Try this: Take 10 – 15mins; grab a pencil, print off this FREE Busy Mom Routine List Then start filling in what a typical busy “start-of-a-new-school-year”, week-day would look like for you. Not that you will ALWAYS completely stick with it – let’s face the fact that sick days, PD days, and snow days are bound to happen. But if you know your regular routine – than you can deal with surprises that pop up.

The practise of writing down your every-day routine, is a great way to brain dump the “What’s next?” thinking. You don’t have to keep mentally rethinking your schedule – it’s on paper for you – reminding you from the fridge door (where you hung it, Right?!) Giving you the mentally space for preparing things (supper, what’s for lunch the next day, do you have your clean clothes, etc.)  which will shave off the procrastination and forgetfulness! Bringing a peace of heart and mind.

THAT’s why I love it! I can literally see little by little BIG things getting slowly done! Right here – TODAY!

Be encouraged Busy Mom, that the NEW ROUTINES coming at you are a BLESSING!

Happy Start-of-a-New-School-Year!

By: Sharon Schuler


Sharon Schuler

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