September is almost like the start of a “New Year”. I know you get it. This different routine that comes when the kids start school again is nothing like the summer.

In summer at our house, some things are allowed to slid. (guilty)

A little more cookies for snacks instead of carrots.

A little more TV time for a little more mommy quiet time.

A little more of breakfast later instead of “we have to have breakfast NOW!”

It’s like September is telling me it’s time to straighten up! (and get the kids straightened out)

Another thing that can slid in the summer is: the “BIG Picture Project” – and what I’m talking about here – is the thing that we squeeze any drop of our extra time into because we LOVE to do them!

For you it could be a hobby or a career : master chef – contributing to the art of food,  world traveler – contributing to your memoirs, photographer – capturing the special moments, a writer – weaving words on paper. It’s something that brings you joy and is part of the top properties list for your life.








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For me I LOVE writing. I FEEL like writing is a piece of my calling. Helping me organize my thoughts and feelings on paper.

What “BIG Project” is a piece of your calling? (And I mean piece because this one “BIG Project” doesn’t completely define us – it’s a piece of who we are!)

Our “BIG Project’s” can get shoved to the side of life as more demanding and noisier responsibilities raise up. Whether it’s our kids, our employer, our social activities, or our volunteering responsibilities. These things I just listed AREN’T bad, we just sometimes need to physically make room in our agenda for our “BIG Projects” ON PURPOSE! Taking and making time to invest into our “BIG Project” can also make us feel guilty, because we may have to say “No” to other activities. Over the summer we can make excuses of why we let the “BIG Project” slip covering our lack of self -discipline. (oh wait ….. so true for me!)

My story – I was doing so good at my “daily writing” challenge I gave myself. “Practising the Art” and all that. Then summer hit and my self-discipline went out the window. Sure my reasons were fine enough, as extra responsibly demanded more time. BUT….

Getting back on track is another story. Maybe I was thinking September was the magic month that I would jump back into my “BIG Project” (ya right!!) I quickly become discouraged as it took me longer and longer to develop back the habits to make time to work on my “BIG Project”. Week by week going by with no progress. Changing habits can be so hard!

3 Steps to Getting Back Momentum with Your BIG Project:

1)Figure out your BECAUSE.

Why are you doing this BIG Project that you are doing?

Ask yourself the important question. I know I will do writing no matter what…… because for me it’s therapy, and a way to organize my thoughts. When I write, the worries and responsibilities of my day seem to slip away for a while and the world is quiet. It distresses me.


Keeping your reasons of “WHY you do this” in mind will help you pickup the “BIG Project” again.

2)Have faith.

that the time that you do invest into your “BIG Project”, though it may seem small today, is VERY worth it. Soon you’ll look back and see the investment of a life time into your “BIG Project’. So take the time, and make the time.

Think of it as “pennies-a-day” investing into your bank of BIG results!

I know I quickly become discouraged when I don’t see immediate results. Whether it’s trying to read a book in a day (which I can’t) or trying finish the DYI project and it gets sloppy because I start to rush…. etc. Probably remembering to give myself a good dose of grace and mercy along the way would also be great advise.

After 3 weeks of “trying” to start my “BIG Project” again, things are FINALLY moving forward.(slowly forward) Each try that doesn’t work out – don’t give up – try again tomorrow. (that’s what I tell myself!)

3) Make a plan.

If you don’t make a plan to work on your “BIG Projects” the “BIG Projects” are NEVER going to happen. (genius… I know!?)

The ever elusive tomorrow will always be, ever tomorrow!

I’m a HUGE fan of Michal Hyatt and while I’m not a big executive leader for a company – I love how I can take and apply his wisdom to my everyday. He says that you are to take the top projects that you want to do and each day /week invest (even just a little )your time and energy on your “BIG project”. So that you slowly move the needle forward in these “BIG Projects”. I love that “slowly moving the needle forward word” word picture. Literally scheduling your BIG Project work into your week.

Need to figure out how much time you have to give to your “Big Project”. Click here and grab a 168 hours Worksheet for your answer – for you.

So while the school year is nicely under way and I`m just STARTING to move my needle forward on my “BIG Project”. I know that the little I do today is so worth it, because my “BIG Project” gives me joy, and quiets my life.

The effects on me also effecting the people around me.

What “BIG Project” are you working on right now? Are you making a plan to move your “BIG Project” needle forward?

Happy “Second Day of Fall” Busy Mom!

By: Sharon Schuler



Sharon Schuler

10 comments on “When You’ve Lost Sight of Your “Big Project” | 3 steps to start again”

  1. Great post. Very inspiring, exactly what I need to read as I am struggling juggling my hobbies with work and partner. Thank you for sharing

  2. I’ve figured out my ‘because’ but reminding myself of it when things get hard, is the thing I need to work on. I need to remind myself WHY I’m doing something, and even though it can be hard, WHY it’s worth it to stick ot it and persevere <3

    .-Clarissa @ The View From Here

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