When the day is done and I’m standing there with laundry in my hands, the house is finally quiet because the little ones are tucked into bed, and I ask myself “What have I accomplished today?”

There are feelings of guilt and anger that rise to the surface. Guilt because I shouldn’t complain and need words of validation everyday. (wrong: words of encouragement is a love language ; idea; it’s one of mine.) Anger at myself; because if I had been more organized and more focused I would feel like super women right now, having used my Herculean power and accomplished the impossible 150 km list today.

There is a secret about motherhood, that no one likes to talk about. This is a really tough thing that you have to do as a parent. The toughest thing ever…

It’s the day in and day out ordinary stuff. Day after day after day after day….. you get/live the picture. It’s the same things that need to be done, every…day… Food on the table. Laundry to clean. Dishes to put away. Teeth to brush. Chores to finish. Work to do. Kids to kiss goodnight. There is no metal for this work, no prize. This work is accomplished in the QUIET of the everyday.

There can be a bitterness that will follow at the end of a day as this grind can wear on us. Our outlook attitude can really bruise our mom soul. We can fall in depression; “what’s the point of all this”. We can lash out in anger (I’m afraid this is my Achilles heel). We can store up the bitterness of failure in our hearts. We can be filled with sadness, or disappointment about our unmet expectations from ourselves or our loved ones.

I love reading/listening to Michael Hyatt. He’s done a great job of encompassing the “virtual mentor” to me. He said in one of his pod casts. “There are 3 powerful questions that you can ask yourself everyday.” They are;

#1. How do you want to be remembered? (angry women, overwhelmed with her life…no thanks!!)

#2. What is important to you? (this can be a list… mine sure is!)

#3. What is the next single most brave decision that you need to make today? (BRAVE is a great word to use some-days)

Take a moment ….right now… and quickly answer these questions for yourself. It will make all the difference at the end of the day… I promise. The reason WHY you do what you do is so important to remember, and go over. Stop for this moment and take a quick pulse check of yourself. That’s what I’ll be doing tonight!

“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary” Galatians 6:9

By: Sharon Schuler


P.S. Great worship song:   Oceans by Hillsong United

Sharon Schuler

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