Not enough time during the week…

Need more hours in the day…

How often are these sentiments said by us!

The start of the week is fresh and ready to be filled with meetings, cleaning, groceries, cooking, kids homework, pickups and drop offs. If your a working mom; well, that just gets added on top of everything else. And lets not forget to mention all of the other little details that make it slowly on mom’s “to-do list”.

The end of the week can blow through and there still is a pile of things left on the “to-do list”.

How frustrating not to have enough time to finish all the work that we assigned to ourselves or that our responsibilities demanded of us.

Life with a young family is very busy, but so often I hear as recently retired folks would express that they are the busiest now (retired) then they ever were.


Because their working on things that they love to do.

Their going on trips, whether exotic or local.

Their investing their money into people and organizations they support whole heartedly.

Time: one of our highest commodities. Their volunteering their time. Their spending it on; grandchildren, supporting their adult children, working on a job that they never got to spend time on before, or volunteering at events and clubs that they love.

We all are busy.

There are only 168 hrs in a week but here is the best part — you do get to CHOOSE how you are going to spend those hours.

Sure there are the nonnegotiable such as; sleeping, eating, working, and taking care of the family. (not in that order 🙂 )  But there are those extra minutes during our busy days that do add up for mom that we can spend on something else. If we make it a priority. I’m learning that those minutes that we can invest daily into something that we love, do add up. Don’t get caught in the mentally that whatever you spend your minutes on today — is depressing because you don’t see the immediate results.

Remember: minutes today add up to hours in a week, days in a month, and weeks of invested time in a year. It can be simple to read, (and probably you’ve heard it before) …yet to put it into practice…

Do you realize what you could accomplish with these POWERFUL minutes?

  • -you could read an entire book!
  • -you could watch an entire season of your favorite show on Netflix’s
  • -you could start a blog 🙂
  • -you could write that book that you’ve always dreamed of writing
  • -you could work on your hobby of _________
  • -you could pick up an extra job to save up for your dream trip
  • -you could plan and save for a vacation
  • -you could re-landscape your yard
  • -you could save up all your hours and spend it on a “mom’s day out”
  • -you could plan your business proposal for that company you always dreamed to start up
  • -you could volunteer for your favorite organization, doing work that you could from home

Question for you: Are you spending your time on things that you really want to spend them on?

~ There once was a professor that held up a clear jar full of big rocks in front of his class. “Question for you class, is my jar of rocks full?”

“Yes.” the class agreed.

The professor placed the jar on his desk and poured into it small pebbles, that fell through the cracks of the big rocks and filled the jar. “Now class, is the jar full?”

“Yes” the class agreed.

The professor then picked up a dish of sand and carefully shifted the sand into the jar. Naturally the sand fell through the cracks and filled the jar. “Class, is the jar full?”

“Yes” the class agreed.

Then the professor picked up a cup of water and pour it into the jar. He poured until the water came up to the rim of the jar. “Now class, you can say that the jar is truly full” ~

Maybe you’ve heard this story before? (I didn’t come up with it 🙂 ) I love this story! What’s the main point? There was no other order that the elements could go into the jar and ALL FIT! The big rocks could NEVER go in last.

1)Plan your big goals:

If you’re a person that is blessed with many dreams and ideas, you need to pick your top priority dream. Pick ONE main goal to work on in your spare minutes that will add up throughout your weeks. Make it your “spare-time-priority”.

There is such a thrill in starting a project that is “your baby”. Something that you can dream about. Something that puts an extra spark in your steps as you go throughout your day. Something that you would love to do your whole life, even if you never got paid to do it! Something that you love to spend a few moments at the start or end of your busy day, doing — simply because you love to do it!

There is an extremely (HUGE) satisfying feeling when you finish a project!

List your top main dream goals:______________________________________________________

Now circle/pick your TOP dream goal: _________________________________________________

(this is not an affiliate link) I love Michael Hyatt, for all things; productivity, efficiency, and goal setting. While I can say “pick your top goal to work on” — he breaks it down even more! Click here to check out his post; breaking goals down further. In his post he talks about the goal that needs; specifics, measurable, timelines. They need to be actionable, realistic, and written down!

It may take a dream and some prep work, but there are days when there is nothing more satisfying than working for 30mins on that dream that is YOURS! Not because your a wife, mother, or ____ worker. (while there is nothing wrong with these jobs)

Using YOUR gifts, YOUR talents, YOUR dreams in action. No need to wait on THIS part until we’ve retired and become “super” busy, working on our dreams. There are moments during our days that we can work on them now if we make them a priority!

Dream it up Busy Mom! It’s time to make one of your jobs — as a little time spent on a dream that you love.

By: Sharon Schuler



Sharon Schuler

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  1. So true Sharon. I’m a person that needs “my own thing”, and always try to fit that into my day or week. It makes me a happier person, and in turns makes the whole family happier.

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