Why I have been silent for this past week…

Long story short; Summer Vacation!

I’ll be a Busy Mom “Buzz Kill” right now and say it…. Sometimes…. Summer Vacation SUCKS!!!

Especially with little kids…

There is the packing for the entire family that you need to do! Including food?! (need I say more)

Then there is the literally getting all this junk into the van! (…you have got to be kidding me)

Then there is surviving the long distance driving of 2hrs (insert sarcasm)

Then there is the arriving at the cottage, so now it’s time to spend your vacation unpacking and putting away everything while supervising 4 kids. (I really needed another life challenge – maybe cliff jumping will be easier…?!)

Then there is the amounts of junk food that the kids plow through, and the late bedtime with the same dedicated early morning risers that you have to deal with as well.  (Hello, 6AM I soooo wanted to be friends with you on VACATION)

Then there is a “Mom, go get your bathing suit on and come swimming with us!” plea…. Seriously!!!! me in a swimsuit – no way.

With swimming that reminds me. I need to supervise 4 little ones and make sure they don’t drown.

And with 4 little ones in a 600 square foot space cottage … forget about romance on a get-away!

Let’s not even mention the re-packing, re-driving, re-putting away, and the HUGE mountain of laundry that I’ll need to finish sometimes before the end on the summer when it’s time to head home.

Summer Vacation Sometimes – SUCKS!!!! And I have a cold sore on my face to prove it.

It’s stressful, hard, BECAUSE it’s way out of routine!

Then I look through the pictures of the smiling kids playing in the water. Alright so they didn’t drowned in their life jackets and had a great time splashing in the water.

Then I look through discarded coloring papers that somehow made it back home again and I’m relieved that I actually took some time and COLORED pictures with my kids. Something I NEVER do at home. Stopping. Breathing in a moment (that some how lasts the entire morning) with the kids.

Then I put more soothing sun cream on my daughters burnt cheeks as I ask her what her favorite part of the vacation was and she says “EVERYTHING!” This makes me smile as I know she’ll start talking about next years vacation as soon as the dust settles back at home later.

Then I turn around in the van as my husband drives us home and I ask my son what his favorite food on the trip was and he yells back. “EVERYTHING!” Yeah! I think we ALL enjoyed the treats on vacation. It’s a piece of what makes it a vacation right?! FOOD Vacation ?! (especially the ice cream on the hot summer days !)

Then I hear my youngest guy making his “learning how to talk noises” at me this morning while I sort through another pile of dirty laundry, and he says again to me “What’s that!” A sentence he learned and we clued into on vacation. We’ll tell him this story of how he talked in sentences for the first time when we were on vacation when he is older.

Then I look over and see my manly man unloading food back into our fridge at home – yeah – I guess, I did have lots of help packing, unpacking, putting away, loading the van, and driving. I didn’t and couldn’t do this by myself.

Which does remind me of all the tag teaming we did do – relaxing in our own quiet space or playing/supervising the kids. I did get a chance to almost read a whole book while sitting by the water, but I also got a chance to tame the ‘wild beast’ of a row boat with kids in it! Great memories and BIG blisters!

Walking through our home after being gone for 5 days, I realize my home even smells different. My routine to get back into at home is a little foreign as well (and are something’s in my routine necessary?)

Summer Vacation for a Mom is hard work, and about some sacrifice! But we survived! Making some great memories while doing so. We will try this again next year!

Apparently this get easier as the kids get older…. that what I’m told anyways.

So hang in there Busy Mom, through the ups and downs of Summer Vacation. Pack your sunscreen and a load of humor!!! (you’re going to need it!)

By: Sharon Schuler



Sharon Schuler

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