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 I LOVE a snack idea list (Click here for the printable version) There are the times when one of my kids come up to me looking for a snack and I don’t know or have anything to give them except another cookie. (not that they are complaining… LOL)

I wanted a list of healthy, delicious, snack ideas. What makes a snack healthy for my family is pairing up two food groups. We don’t eat enough protein during the day, so snack time is a perfect time to try and sneak in some more protein.

While some of these snack ideas may seem far out – if you or your kids don’t like one of the ideas, try swapping out one food item for another item in the same food group (ie. Don’t like yogurt? Swap it out for a cheese stick!)

While some of these may take some pre-assembling, don’t panic. Some ideas of; prepping snacks for school the night before or prepping your pantry for the necessary ingredients for your snacks – can make the seemly complicated snacks – soooooo much easier.

Another tip would be to purchase some small snacking containers that would hold the different types of food that your kids like. That way they are all ready to go in prep-portioned sizes.

Or perhaps reading this idea list will get your own inspiration on. I left you some space on the printable snack idea list to add your own favorites, or leave some of your wisdom behind in the comments below for everyone!

Happy Snaking Busy Mom!

  • – Apple and cheese string
  • – Smoothie made from fruit, milk, yogurt, and ice
  • – Celery sticks filled with PB
  • – Kiwi with a handful of nuts
  • – Whole grain cereal with milk
  • – Small homemade muffin with cheese
  • – Cold veggie pizza slice
  • – 1/2 whole-wheat bagel with tuna or salmon salad
  • – Whole-grain crackers topped with cheese slices
  • – Rice cake with PB on top
  • – Rice pudding
  • – Fruit cup with cottage cheese cup
  • – 1/2 whole-wheat pita and humus
  • – Carrot stick with humus
  • – Yogurt topped with granola and berries
  • – Popcorn sprinkled with shredded cheese
  • – Hard boiled egg and a slice of whole-wheat toast
  • – Slice of homemade banana bread and milk
  • – Cold pancake with fruit
  • – PB on a banana rolled in a small soft tortilla
  • – Baked egg roll or samosa
  • – Chocolate milk and an orange
  • – Pear with Greek yogurt for dipping
  • – Fruit cup packed in water and handful of nuts
  • – Bits and Bites (less salt) with a slice of mozzarella cheese
  • – Applesauce cups (no sugar added) with cheese string
  • – Ginger snap cookie with a glass of milk

By: Sharon Schuler

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 some snack ideas are taken from Dairy Farmers of Canada 

Tips, Hints, Hacks, Tricks, and Advice given and received at the beginning of the week! Don’t we all have little short cuts and mom hacks up our sleeves. Here is a day that is devoted to sharing some of those ideas and eases. Hopefully you will find a gold nugget of wisdom here and there!  Feel free to leave your wisdom in a comment below!



By Sharon Schuler

Hi! My name is Sharon. I am: a Canadian, a dairy farmers wife, and a stay at home mom of 4 kids. But most important to me; a follower of Jesus. Welcome to my blog 'A Place Called Home' - The feeling of being at 'Home' is something that looks so different for each one of us, but is completely universal as we each have our 'home'; by living the life where we are at on purpose and with some encouragement!

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