Prepare Your Child to go to School this Fall : 3 Steps to Let Your Child Go!

It is my privilege to be guest posting for Tanya Cowley today at her site; Boldly Tanya. Together we are learning at COMPEL and writing in the comfort of home…with kids around. (Busy Mom Style!!!)

by: Sharon Schuler

There’s this thing coming up soon… Back to School!

I can’t believe it!” and “Where did the summer go?!” Are common phrases that we will all start to hear and say before the month of August ends. Some parents are excited of the change, others are fine with this natural rhythm of life.

But what about the Busy Mom that is dreading the calendar change? Here are 3 steps to letting your child go.

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By Sharon Schuler

Hi! My name is Sharon. I am: a Canadian, a dairy farmers wife, and a stay at home mom of 4 kids. But most important to me; a follower of Jesus. Welcome to my blog 'A Place Called Home' - The feeling of being at 'Home' is something that looks so different for each one of us, but is completely universal as we each have our 'home'; by living the life where we are at on purpose and with some encouragement!

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