Being pregnant, again, and now having a blog this time around, I knew I had to do a pregnancy series! Introducing “Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month “ Hopefully you’ll find a nugget of wisdom here or there. (This post has zero affiliate links)

Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month

Pregnancy Month 6

What Mom may be Feeling:

This may be your “perfect” month! Why? Because you’ll most likely look “pregnant” now and NOT like you just had a big lunch. You are now in the throes of your second trimester and hopefully you are energetic and feeling good! Ready to take on the world with a baby in tow!

Another BEST part about this month is that guaranteed you will feel the baby move around! I think that this is the best part about pregnancy, which I think most women would all agree with. Nothing seems more real that a little person is growing inside you then a flutter in the womb. First time that you do feel the baby move it will feel like butterfly nerves in your stomach or a gas bubble moving through your intestines. What you can “feel” for is a repetitive movement in the same area. That is probably baby moving.

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Baby’s Growth and Development for this Month: Week 23-27

Baby weigh’s a little over one pound at the beginning of this month. By the time you hit the end of this month, Baby will be almost two pounds in weight! Growing so fast! Baby can make out an underwater version of your voice, your heart beat, and stomach. Baby also does regular intervals of sleeping and awaking. Towards the end of the month it will be awake with eyes open! Click here to check out baby video for an inside look at baby. 

Read more about your baby stage here at Baby 

Picture of what Baby Looks like for this Month:


If You Have Older Children at Home:

This is a great month that the actual roundness of your pregnant belly will now be a place that your older kids can rub and literally see, that mom is changing and growing — “Why?” because there’s a baby in there. I’ve found the bigger the belly gets the more excited and more “real” to the older kids a new baby becomes. I LOVE this video that literally shows how a women’s body changes inside while growing a baby! I feel like shouting “See, this is why I sit and pant for breath sometimes! I’m not being dramatic! I’m just pregnant!” 🙂 Click here to check out “how your body changes” video.

What and How to Prepare for Baby:

Research, check it out and buy: Your baby’s car seat. If you don’t get it done this month. Put it on the list and get it done next month. Nearly an essential for all.

Click here to start the research and knowledge gathering of all things car seats.

 Happy shopping!

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By: Sharon Schuler

I’m not a doctor, nurse, or obgyn. I’m just sharing some of my pregnancy experience! (x6) These are my own words but with strong direction from I’m not affiliate with I just really LOVE the information I find there and I would recommend the site to all of my friends.

Sharon Schuler

8 comments on “Pregnancy Month 6”

  1. Such an exciting month for the expectant Mom! Our last little is 16 months and although I don’t miss being pregnant, those were some precious moments.

  2. What a comprehensive guide. I’m not yet a mom, but I’m sure that when the time comes I’ll be freaking out every step of the way. I particularly like the how your body changes video!

  3. I just had lunch with a friend yesterday who was on month 6 of her pregnancy! She is definitely starting to show! This is her first, so there are no other children around. She and her husband are of course very excited.

  4. So neat that you are documenting the progress! Do you think you will share this with your little one some day?

  5. This is a cute little resource for expecting moms. I know I loved when I finally looked pregnant, not just bloated. I miss feeling my daughter kick… although she just kicks me on the outside now lol. Great article. Thanks for sharing

  6. It is definitely true about finally becoming real to older kids. It was around this mark that they really began to get excited about a baby sister.

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