I groan and elate at that one single word.

It’s a body changing feat to stress about when planning it.

It’s a life-changing stress when a mom is surprised by it.

It’s a joyful experience to stress about with an inevitable painful ending.

It’s an insane thing to stress about – pregnancy – because we have zero control over it. (except what we put in our mouths!)

I’ve been pregnant a couple of times. =) 

… and then I’ve lately declared war on my post-baby body, deciding to go viral with the weight shed. Click here to read that post. Exciting and vulnerable stuff! (for myself) Little did I know at the time I “bravely” stepped out with my weigh-loss…

I was pregnant! With baby #5!

I was grateful for my 10lbs weight-loss head start… I was going to need it. (and perhaps a re-write on the “weight-loss” story in a year or so!)

pregnancy month 1

Being pregnant, again, and now having a blog this time around, I knew I had to do a pregnancy series! Introducing “Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month “ Hopefully you’ll find a nugget of wisdom here or there.

Pregnancy at a Glance – Month by Month

Pregnancy Month 1

What Mom may be Feeling:

This is the month of secrecy.

The month where your body, hormones, and womb start to change. Where an embryo is literally being planted into the side of your womb (around week 3) and starting the growth of a baby. The whole time you have no idea! It’s crazy!

Some of my mom friends know instantly or before that pregnancy test that they are pregnant. By a feeling in their gut or by a distinct body changes already taking place. (thank you hormones!) 

Me — I personally have NO idea. Even when the calendar days are slipping by quickly and that telling period still hasn’t come. I don’t know I’m pregnant (or won’t believe it) till that pregnancy test is positive.

If you already keep track of your periods, obviously this is a super easy thing watch. (It just may drive you a little nuts!)  The days slipping by, and saying “I’m one day late.” or “I’m three days late.” or “I’m seven days late, I better buy a pregnancy test! AH!”

I know you can’t feel it in the writing, but imagine each day that passes, the stress level and excitement, continue to rise higher and higher like a balloon being blown up too big and about ready to pop! That’s us ladies, waiting for the “right” day to (frankly) pee on a stick!  

I love using this “Lady Timer” app to keep track of my cycles for me!

The first thing to do when you see that positive pregnancy test, is to just sit in the bathroom and let the news sink in. “I’m going to have a baby.” Telling yourself this out loud may help the news sink. (If you’ve never taken a home pregnancy test — no worries — just follow the simple directions inside the box)

Take the moment.

Savor the moment.

You’ll never have this moment with this baby again.

It can take weeks (or a visible baby bump) for the news to sink in.

That’s fine and very normal.

Grant yourself patience by the bucket loads. There will be days up ahead that you will forget what your body is working hard to grow.

And there will be days up ahead that you will NOT be able to ignore the signs that a baby is changing your body (thank-you morning sickness) 

Just remember that week 1 starts on the first day of your last period. Slightly cheating, I know. When you actually get pregnant your already in week 3!

Some women count their weeks by what week they are coming up to. (“I’m 5 weeks along”) Some women count their weeks literally by days that have gone by (“I’m 4weeks and 3days”) I prefer the latter, but ladies choice!

Figure out your due date by clicking here.

Baby’s Growth and Development for this Month: Week 1-4

The ball of cells dividing rapidly in your uterus are called an embryo. For the next 5 weeks, your embryo will be in a critical growth stage. Your baby is about the size of a sesame seed right now.

Read more about your baby stage here at Baby 

Picture of what Baby Looks like for this Month:

photo credit:


If You Have Older Children at Home:

Meaning, obviously, that this is not your first pregnancy! #1 thing to do if you have older children at home… don’t laugh… your Kegels! Seriously! Your 36 weeks pelvic floor muscle will thank you for taking steps NOW!

What and How to Prepare for Baby:

First, things first…just breathe, relax and take in the news. You can start prepping for the nursery, buying clothes, and picking out baby names later. Remember this moment at the start of it ALL!

Secondly, call your family doctor and set up an appointment. Write down any questions that you have and bring them to your doctor!

Meet you here next month with more updates!

By: Sharon Schuler

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I’m not a Doctor, Nurse, or OBGYN. I’m just sharing some of my pregnancy experience! (x6) These are my own words but with strong direction from I’m not affiliate with I just really LOVE the information I find there and I would recommend the site to all of my friends.

Sharon Schuler

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