Dear Reader,

There is something universal about music that speaks to everyone, and while that’s general…there are moments in our busy mom lives where we have NO words.

Enter music. It speaks to our hearts and souls and fills in the gaps were we can’t speak, or are to tired to think.

I’ll keep adding in songs randomly throughout my blog. Mostly these are songs that I’m listening to that week and are really “speaking” to/for me. My hope in making this list is to encourage you in the moments where words are impossible.

Click the title below the song to read the blog post attached to it.

Keep up the good work busy mom!

By: Sharon Schuler

“Breathe” by: Jonny Diaz

When the Crazy Kicks In” by: Francesca Battistelli ” from the Blog Post

“Dodging Daily Devotions”

“Worn” by: Tenth Avenue North from the Blog Post

“Overcoming the “Red Herring” of Overtiredness

“The Sun Is Rising” by: Britt Nicole from the Blog Post

“Bad Habits : Breaking the Cycle : Part 2 : These 10 Practical Tips on “How-To” Get Out of That Rut!”

“Do Something” by: Matthew West from the Blog Post

“Bad Habits : Breaking the Cycle : Part 1”

“When the Stars Burn Down” by: Phillips Craig & Dean from the Blog Post

“My Helplessness vs. God’s Hopefulness”

“All the People Said Amen” by: Matt Maher from the Blog Post

“I’m Sorry What Did You Say : I Wasn’t Listening”

“The Maker” by: Chris August from the Blog Post

“Unnecessary Expectations and Defeating Despair : for Today, NOT Tomorrow”

“Steady My Heart” by: Kari Jobe from the Blog Post

“How to Organize a Garage Sale”

“Benediction” by: Matt Redman from the Blog Post

“Mourning Our Losses : Grief After Saying Good-bye”

“Lord I Need You” by: Matt Maher from the Blog Post

“Death’s Final Sting : But Never the Final Say”

“Oceans” by: Hillsong United from the Blog Post

“When the Day is Done: What Have I Done?!”

“With Love” by: Christina Grimmie from the Blog Post

“Let the STUFF Go : 3 ideas for clothes, toys, and books”

“You Make Me Brave” by: Amanda Cook & Bethel Music from the Blog Post:

“Spring Cleaning: 3 Ideas on Where to Start”

“Amazing” by: Dan Macaulay from the Blog Post

“When Stress is High and Coming Relief is LOW : 4 things you can do to help yourself”