Welcome Summer! Welcome sunshine! Welcome beach days and bare feet! Welcome an entire change to my routine?!

Actually… no thanks?!

Quote: “The only human who like change, is a baby with a dirty diaper”

So true!

My man recently announced that our hired help on the farm had quit. With summer right around the corner (i.e. in 4 days) I would have the opportunity to go out and do barn chores! I balked. Not because I don’t like feeding the baby calves! but because my entire routine would be changed. AH! Mom heart attack and stress level on the rise!

We, moms, like steady and predictable. We usually do the same thing over and over again throughout our days. And why wouldn’t we; while taking care of little human lives that are completely unpredictable! It’s the days that are unusual or have more things added into them that make us tired and stressed out and grumpy.

As we launch into summer = NEW ROUTINES!

Instead of stressing out about the new “thrust-upon-you” summer routine. Take a step back and breathe. Use 10mins of your day TODAY! and make a plan.

Sounds simple enough right?!

It really is!

Making a plan helps us to have our thoughts out of our heads and we can release the reworry and restressing about what we are going to do in this new routine. Making a plan will also effect your kids. They will see that you are calm and collected and in control … because you have a plan.

1) I brought up my Google calendar
2) Thinking about what a “normal day” in the summer would look like; I wrote in pieces of time-blocks our activities of the day. Some time-blocks were hard to fill in. So I started with the easiest first (i.e. bedtime!!)
3) I printed off the “normal day routine” and hung it up on my fridge to remind me, but to also make penciled in notes of things that were working and crossing out things that weren’t

Example of my Summer Routine Time-Block;

5:30am; wake up & coffee & devotions & writing time

6:30am; barnchores

7:30 – 8:00;    buffer space to shower & get ready for the day
8:00 -9:30;    breakfast & kitchen cleanup & start laundry
9:30 – 12pm; homeschool work & playtime & chores & catchup
12:00 – 1:30;  lunch & cleanup & younger kids nap time
1:30 – 3:00;    Netflix’s
3:00pm;          small snack & unload laundry
3:30 – 4pm;    outside playtime
4:00 – 5pm;     supper prep time
5pm;                supper time & kitchen cleanup
6:45pm;          start kids bedtime routine & I fold laundry
8pm;                put away laundry & kids in bed
8 – 10pm;       mommy relaxing time
10pm;             bedtime

Helpful Tips: Add into your schedule “buffer space” (grace space?!) giving yourself lots of time to complete what you need to do for your family. Also, if I’ve woken up late and don’t hit my 5:30am wakeup call, I keep moving on to the next thing. (GRACE SPACE) Some people have no schedule and some people have every single hour spelled out as to what they are going to do for the day. I found that a general time-block routine (call it – middle ground) is what works for me. What works for you?

Figure out your need in your routine and fill it INTENTIONALLY!!!! It’s not going to happen by itself. Make it happen. It will take you 10 mins!

Remember that there will be lots of days that don’t fall under your “normal day” routine. Summer days of BBQ’s, beaches, family get-together, swimming lessons, soccer and VBS all throw a wrench into the “normal day” routine. Keep using your routine, just modify it and tweak it for your EXTRA plans! Plan B and Plan C if you need to do that, just be flexible.

Routines are great tool for kids too thrive in as well. Just think about their entire school schedule; its a HUGE routine for them. They have the security of knowing what is expected of them. This makes them calmer as they smoothly transition from one activity to another.

I love the “normal day” summer routine. I love having a plan, knowing what is expected of me (from me) and what is expected of my kids!!!

Ready, Set, Time it! 10 mins is all it will take to plan your summer routine.

By: Sharon Schuler



Sharon Schuler

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