Mom Advice for WalMart with Kids

When you are shopping at your favorite department store (say WalMart) and you have all the kids and a shopping chart full of goods. Your heading for the exit and it’s close to Lunchtime. You see a place to eat inside the store nice and convenient (say McDonalds)


Advice: DO NOT GO IN!

Keep walking, ignore the pleads from your kids, and growls from your belly. Safely get everyone across the parking lot into the minivan, unload your chart and THEN you can drive-thru your favorite fast-food take out (say Mcdonald)

Taking one extra step of finding the nearest drive-thru, saves you the frustration and headache and stark fear that can come of one mom, trying to use only her two hands to push her chart of goods, and balance a drink tray, while safely seeing 4 kids across a busy parking lot. Forget it!

The promise of that fast food convenience IN the department store is more convenient from the drivers seat of a mini van through a takeout window.

By: Sharon Schuler


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By Sharon Schuler

Hi! My name is Sharon. I am: a Canadian, a dairy farmers wife, and a stay at home mom of 4 kids. But most important to me; a follower of Jesus. Welcome to my blog 'A Place Called Home' - The feeling of being at 'Home' is something that looks so different for each one of us, but is completely universal as we each have our 'home'; by living the life where we are at on purpose and with some encouragement!

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