I cringe at the word because it means change!

No one likes change!

The change of a cereal brand, a minister in your church pulpit, bylaws of our schools or club events. Change of political leadership, room color, or job change. Changing of your body as is goes through; sickness, pregnancy, ageing, or recovery.

While there is this underlying excitement with change — FEAR can stand in the way. This fear making your way through change hard.

Fear of the unknown

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of the worst thing that could happen

Fear of not being in control

Fear of not quickly grasping a new concept

Fear of losing “yourself” along the way

Fear of not being efficient enough and wasting your time

Fear of losing friends or family’s friendship or love

Fear of what people will say

Fear of what people will think

Fear of being frozen in fear!

I wish there was this fear eraser that I could pickup to erase the fear from my life.

Rise up and meet your change that is standing in front of you. Push aside procrastination and avoidance and tackle your CHANGE!

After 1 year of my daughter being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes we are switching right now onto a pump.


She is currently on MDI (multiple daily injections) which is great flexibly for her because she doesn’t have to eat a set amount of food per meal. (Hello! She just turned 4!)

But MDI’s do result in her having to receive approximately 5 needles a day. The needles are about 4mm in length (the smallest you can go) but still, kinda sucks right?! 

Bring in the Insulin Pump!

Literally a little machine that you can stick in your pocket or in my daughter’s case wear in a comfy belt around the waist. Attached to the pump is a small clear tubing that runs into your inset. Kinda like a tiny little IV that you have to insert into your fatty tissue and route around your body  every 3 days. Sounds not fun right?!

Remember though before she was getting 5 needles a day.

The insulin pump can also act and intimidate the body’s pancreas better than the MDI’s giving her a little doses of insulin, every hour and giving us the ability to modify the insulin that she is getting down to the .05 of a measurement where on MDI we could only start at .50 — HUGE difference in a little girl.

So this is a GREAT CHANGE for her and I can spell out the benefits.

And yet….

I want to keep the comfort of the old system

I want to keep preparing food the way that I know

This change is pushing me too far out of my comfort zone

This change is pulling at my time and attention causing me to cut things from my schedule right now

–I feel like I don’t know enough to do this

–I feel like I don’t have enough resources of time or money to start this

–I feel like I’m not learning this new thing fast enough

–I feel like I’m not taking enough time to do this perfectly

–I feel like there are more qualified people out there that should be doing this – NOT me

Does this sound familiar to you right now? Are you at the start of change? Are you floundering in the middle of change?

If you are — one thing I want you to do right now — write down your why.


Grab a piece of paper or open Google docs and write it down. Why are you doing this__________?

It doesn’t have to be pretty, but literally write out WHY you are starting or in the middle of the change that you are in.

Don’t go for the fluffy answers either. Go right for the guts, right for the heart of WHY you are trying to start or finish the change that is ahead of you.

As you are doing this…I will be to! Take heart changers! There is a reason to WHY you are uncomfortable and making a change!

By: Sharon Schuler

PS. We are literally changing my daughter over to her pump tomorrow! AH! Has me freaking out though I know it will be good! CHANGE! (sigh)

Sharon Schuler

23 comments on “Making a Change”

  1. Though it may be scary, hopefully the pump will make things much easier for all of you. You’re totally right that change is scary and uncomfortable, but I’ve found that once we succumb to to it, it becomes the new normal and then it’s rather comfortable.

  2. Change might be tough, but if it will help or maybe the only way to make your life more beautiful, then change is the best.

    I always treat change as a blessing.

  3. Good luck with the new pump for your daughter. Change is hard. We have to do things differently, learn something new, maybe forget about the old way. It’s not always easy and may be a pain in the butt. However some change is good.

  4. Yes we need to embrace change easier. My hubby has diabetes and he does insulin once a day and forgets. Grrr. I think the pump is a great option for some people.

  5. Change is so tough! It sounds like this is going to be a great decision for her though, we have a four year old and I can’t imagine trying to give her 5 needles a day. Such a nightmare. Hopefully this will make it easier.

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