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No need to dread the kitchen cleaning up! Instead of taking a huge chunk of time to clean from top to bottom, the most used room in your house. Follow this speedy routine to get through the most important jobs. Having a neat and tidy kitchen when your finished.

Cheatsheet: using this step by step list, have your kitchen cleaned up in 15mins.

1) Deal with the dirty dishes

Usually the biggest and dirtiest job of the kitchen. Scrape unwanted food in the compost and load your dishwasher. If washing by hand, let the dishes dry as you finish the other kitchen cleaning jobs.

2) Tackle dirty pans

Start scrubbing. If you have some difficult pans, soaking them first will go a long way to make this dreaded job easier.

3) Wipe the stove

No need to spring clean the stove, just wipe down any visible dirt. A daily wiping will go a long way to prevent a HUGE job later on.

4) Stay on task

Do NOT become distracted by reorganizing cupboards, and wiping out the utensil drawer. Just focus on getting thing back to where they belong.

5) Store your food 

Check to make sure your food containers are closed properly, and store in the appropriate places.

6) Gather up stray items

(Love this tip) Using a basket or box, gather up all the stray items that don’t belong in the kitchen. Recruit a helper to bring them back to where they go.

7) Wipe the counters and tables

Don’t spring clean, but using an all purpose cleaner, wipe down your table and counters. (I love doing this after supper – everything is clean for the next day!!)

8) Get rid of the garbage

Food and garbage are the smelliest things in the kitchen. Ultimate the smell by daily changing your kitchen garbage bag. (or emptying it into a large outside garbage container).

9) Sweep the floor enough said with that title =)

Happy Kitchen Cleaning Busy Mom!

 By: Sharon Schuler

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Sharon Schuler

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