Ignoring the Call of God

Today I have the privilege of guest writing for Dana Cobb’s blog — mombewell.com

She is doing a series throughout the month of December feature “Blog’s and Blessings” — Why some people start blogs and what lessons we ALL can take away from the experiences! Hope you Enjoy the sneak peek below! Click here for the full article.


“Ignoring the Call of God”

by: Sharon Schuler

There is this something that you have to do.

Something that is tickling the back of your conciseness.

It pops up at the most random times of the day.

Or floats across your brain as your about to fall asleep at night.

When this thought of “this something you have to do” does come to mind you push it away resoundly and with confidence, knowing that if you do have to look at it, you may in fact then need to pray about it and seek God for the answer of this thing that you have to do.

But if right from the start you ignore it then — there is no need to deal with it.

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By Sharon Schuler

Hi! My name is Sharon. I am: a Canadian, a dairy farmers wife, and a stay at home mom of 4 kids. But most important to me; a follower of Jesus. Welcome to my blog 'A Place Called Home' - The feeling of being at 'Home' is something that looks so different for each one of us, but is completely universal as we each have our 'home'; by living the life where we are at on purpose and with some encouragement!

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