There are two things that your children need from you everyday. Their Love Tank and their Power Tank to be filled up. (not kidding… I said POWER tank…. I didn’t make this up!)

Power tank is the feeling that your child gets when they’ve made their own choices and exert their independence. Look at it from their side. If they are told all the time: “Act this way!” “Talk this way!” “Dress this way!” They will feel like their own little lives are NOT their own. They will feel POWERLESS. Depending on your child’s personality, they could really lash out because of this feeling of powerlessness.

Enter a method that we call… “It’s your choice”. Giving our children age appropriate choices has been a great way for us to teach them how to make choices in a safe and loving environment. Preparing them for that big – far off day – when they are living on their own.

Easy enough right?!


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By: Sharon Schuler



Sharon Schuler

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