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Do you love to grocery shop!? Do you find it super fun to listen to your kids as they inform you they don’t want to be there, while simultaneously asking for every morsel of junk food within sight? Love waiting in line? Enjoy the challenge of wrangling kids and groceries into the car?

Not me.

Grocery shopping is minimized by buying in bulk. It can also save you money. However, the freezer can quickly get disorganized if items don’t have a designated place. Chaos will also ensue as other people rummage through it! We won’t name names…

The only freezer we own is the one attached to the fridge. So I have to pack stuff in but not lose what’s in there. Here’s what works for me.

Each shelf is designated for categories: meat, veggies, fruit and nuts, and miscellaneous. With restricted space this doesn’t always work perfectly. So I created a safety net, so to speak.



Using a dry eraser board on the side of the fridge, I maintain a list. This list consists of all the foods we normally eat that are kept in the freezer. The use of the dry eraser board, right on the fridge, benefits us visual learners and anyone who struggles with the syndrome “out of sight, out of mind”.


If we use something up, I put a little “x” next to the item. When I buy more, I erase the “x”.

The list serves other purposes too! 

1) Plan meals and snacks.  

2) Grocery list reminder.

3) Reminds me to freeze leftovers for those days I don’t have it in me to make dinner.

4) When the above day arrives, shows me what I have.

5) Reminds me that the bumper crop of blackberries we had this summer is hidden somewhere in the back of the freezer.

6) Allows me to make healthy suggestions for snacks. Blackberries anyone?

This of course works for the pantry too.

The organization of items, wherever they are, and the corresponding list provide flexibility. Your kid suddenly becomes a hormonal pre-teen and refuses to eat anything but pizza and tuna fish? That actually happened at my house. Not a problem. I add frozen pizza to my Freezer list and when I go to that one store that sells the healthy pizza, I buy all that I could possibly cram into my little side-by-side.


May you spend more time eating healthy and less time standing in line to buy it!



By: Dana Cobb

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Dana is a wife, homeschool mom to one and saved by unearned Grace. She enjoys studying God’s Word, reading non-fiction, writing, cooking, baking and grilling. She also loves to learn new things. Her current interests include botanical medicine and the lost art of food culture. God has culminated her interests into holistically healthy life lessons which she shares at

Dana Cobb

6 comments on “Grocery Shopping Timesaver”

  1. I love these ideas! I never know what I have in the freezer and I can’t tell you how much food goes to waste in our house simply because I forget it’s there. You have just changed my grocery shopping! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Whoa! The white board is a great idea! I need to buy me one and start doing this 🙂 I always think about the “smart fridges” that hook up to an app on your phone and you can open the app to see what’s in your fridge… but until I can afford one of those suckers, this’ll do. Ha.

    x Kathryn

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