You wake up in the morning and you have a plan for your day.

This isn’t extraordinary. It’s the same type of schedule as it is any other day of the week.

For example in our house; Sunday mornings is a bit of a sleeping in with enough time to get up have breakfast and get dressed for church — all before 9:30 in the morning. With four children aged 7years old and under, I have a routine that makes this possible, … almost by myself ūüėČ (through many trails and errors … hehe!) ¬†Farmer Dan¬†usually¬†comes in from chores a little¬†earlier on Sunday morning – huge help to have an extra set of hands to get the family out the door on time.

Still by the time he comes in, my part is well under way or else…. things are derailed.

So I have a Sunday morning plan. I do A and B and we will get to plan C!

Well this Sunday morning was the same like every other Sunday. I was excitedly riding in the van while putting on my makeup, ready for church fellowship and a sermon. As we are able and do volunteer our help at church, you can go a week or two of being in church but not being IN a church service.

So riding in the van to church ready to break my sermon famine things are gong my way… until they aren’t.

This was a day a while back when we were still very new to our 3year¬†old just¬†having been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I had forgotten to take along her ‘supply backpack’ with the needed diabetic supplies for “just-in-case” situations. You have NO need of those supplies until you¬†REALLY need those supplies. Like¬†desperately need!!!¬†

We get to Sunday School and I test my daughters blood sugar before I let her leave my ever watchful eye ūüôā (paranoid) and release her to the Sunday School teachers care.

Unfortunately that morning her blood sugar was 20.6 , where it should be around 8.0. Something had gone wrong in my perfected morning routine at home and to top it off — I had forgotten her ‘supply backpack’¬† for this now DESPERATE need of insulin…¬†

What had I been thinking!!

What a failure, I FELT as a mom and caretaker of my daughter.

Before you think I’m being dramatic or having a personal pity party (alright I was feeling a little sorry for myself) …

What this meant was me driving away from that coveted sermon with my 3yr old and 1 yr old in the back of the van, by myself…¬†Going home to get some more insulin into my daughter. Which is understandable and everyone else is understandable!¬†

Sure¬†I missed the sermon but that’s life. Priorities! I just needed to suck it up…¬†

All that is well and fine, but on the flip side —¬†this was NOT my plan.

My plan was to sit and listen and be spiritually filled ready for the new week that lay before me. After¬†the past¬†week of feeling like I was pouring out everyday, I was ready to be filled. Ready to leave three of my precious children in someone ELSES care for a blessed 1hr of relief. I was ready and soooo looking forward to that break.¬†I would be able to sit and be given too instead of being demanded of. This was my time, that I had been working toward for hours that morning. Making sure we were all up on time and dressed and had had breakfast. The little children’s hair all brushed. Instead I was driving away from the exact hour of my relief being demanded of my time again, and the one doing the filling instead of receiving a filling.

Have you ever done this. Had a plan. Had it derailed …¬†and wondered what on earth was going on in the universe! You had made your plan. Done your prep work. You’ve lined up A and B so that C will fall nicely in-line. And one detail that¬†is MISSING or GETS¬†CHANGED and¬†you’re planned outcome = FALLS FLAT! Such upsets can take you the rest of the day (sometimes) to get back on track.

Something’s I learned that unplanned Sunday…

1) Our God is a God of grace and mercy:

and thank God for this. He knows we had a plan, but in his grace and mercy he made a better day for us. He says in his word that if a son asked his mother for a loaf of bread that mother would not give the hungry boy a snake to eat but she would get him that loaf of bread. So how much more does our Father in heaven have in store for us?! So much more. He sees our anger and frustration and pain when things do go our way. I always picture him beside me, listening to my angry rant, or wiping my tears of frustration or self pity, or understanding the silent plea of my heart that one else can hear because I’m not to sure how to explain it our put it unto words.¬†Our God of grace and mercy hears, knows and sees our hearts plans.

2) We need to ask a blessing and will on our plans for our future:

The future is just that —¬†the future. It hasn’t happened yet. But God knows what will happen. When we make our plans we can take the time and pray ‚ÄúJesus, here is MY plan but YOUR will be done.‚ÄĚ He knows what is on your heart and the motivation behind your plans. Sometimes plans don’t come into fruition until years down the road. God know this outcome. Taking that moment to pray and give your plans to God is not only your asking Him, but your also reminding yourself that there is someone big and better than any of those carefully laid out plans that you have. God’s peace can rest over my plans.

3) We can be grateful for the things we do receive in our day:

even when things don’t go according to our plan, wonderful things still happen and when we take the moment and say ‚ÄúSure this day didn’t go my way, but I’m so thankful to have ….‚ÄĚ. As clich√© as it sounds —¬†the ‚Äúattitude of gratitude‚ÄĚ can go along way. On those days that don’t go right at all we can kick and scream about it. (even if just mentally) or we can have the attitude that seeks to find the good in every situation.

Remember ‚ÄúIf this is the worst thing to happen to you today, it still was a pretty good day.‚ÄĚ

I was still put out that Sunday because¬†things didn’t so my way.¬†But NOW looking back I can see the insightful lesson I learned. I’m just hoping I wont have to relearn it anytime soon ūüėČ

Have you had any of your plans derailed lately? What did you learn when things didn’t go the way you planned?

By: Sharon Schuler


photo credit: pixabay

Sharon Schuler

2 comments on “Because Things Didn’t Go Your Way Today”

  1. awww this was a nice read. I have been having a tad og my plans go under lately, that has had me hiding under the covers for a minute, because of the fear that everything will go wrong!
    Thank you for sharing this, it has given me the courage to somewhat lift my head from under the covers!
    actually you have inspired me to do a blog post!

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