Sharon Schuler

encouragement for the overwhelmed mom


Hi! Welcome to my Blog!me

I’m Sharon.

I’m a: Christian, Canadian, a dairy farmers wife, blogger, author and SAHM of 5 kiddos.

This Blog is for all you Busy (overwhelmed, exhausted, striving and thriving) Moms out there. ( = ALL mothers that ever existed.)

We have the most rewarding job and the most stretching job that was ever created! (How else can I explain a 3ft kid reducing me to unstoppable tears, or storm of anger in 5mins flat!…seriously?!)

I believe that motherhood is best support not only by prayer, and trusting Jesus… but (thank you God!) other MOM’s.

Talking about what’s on the heart!

Talking about home!

Talking about work!

Talking about our kids!

Talking about our struggles!

Talking about our dreams, hope, and joy! (you get the picture…everything!)

I truly believe that the attitude of our mom’s heart makes all the difference in our line of work.

With a heavy heart the days can feel long and stressful.

With encouragement and joy though, we can get through the longest day with our joy intact (…or at least mostly.)

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Extras Added Just for You!

Songs! I’ll keep slipping song links into each blog posts because I believe that songs have huge impact to encourage people too! Check out my playlist here!

Tips, Hints, Hacks, Tricks, and Advice given and received! Check out the Tips here.  All of us have “mom hacks” up our sleeves. Here is a page that is devoted to sharing some of those ideas. Hopefully you’ll find a gold nugget of wisdom here and there!

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Praying that this blog encourages you weekly.


~ Sharon Schuler