I love books!

Kids love books!

You love books!

… But here is an EASY 300 ways to declutter your house!


Our books that are finished are neatly lined up in our bookcase. Only pulled out once or twice. Some, only in the last decade. I was quickly running out of shelf space and realizing the enormity of cleaning (trying too) all these books. Seriously…dust mites!! ew.

I kept shuffling books around to clean them and I would re-organize the shelves to “find” more room. All these unused books were stealing my time and taking up house space. 

How did I fix my book-over-load problem? I bought an e-reader and emptied my bookcase. While I didn’t get rid of all of them, I got rid of most though this process below. (and I took my time.)

300 ways to declutter your house is to get rid of all the books! Or most of them. 

I know, I know there will be books that are super hard to get rid of, but let’s walk it through together.

1)Get rid of the books that you haven’t touched in the last 5 years.

This will be an easier toss out because these are books that you’ve never thought of in years. When you are getting rid of these books literally grab a box and only QUICKLY glance at the titles before stuffing them in. That way you won’t be tempted to reread through those long-forgotten books and end up putting them back on the shelf. O worst case scenario is the nostalgia gets you, you keep it, never re-read it.

2)Get rid of the books that you’ve bought but still haven’t read in the last 2years.

Included in this category would also be the ones that you haven’t actually finished. — Let’s be honest. If you haven’t read it already your not going to read it in the future. Grab that box and pack it up. Remember flip through your book titles quickly so, as not to be tempted to reshelve it. Keep in mind that you did not actually touch it —these last two years. It will make it easier to close the lid on the box. 

3)Get rid of the books that you have finished reading.

Especially the ones that you don’t need to work or to look back and reference. These books you can pass on to someone else or donate to charity.

4)Get rid of books that you only ever skimmed through.

Obviously, if you just skimmed the pages they’re not worth keeping around. Time to pass them along if you haven’t already. These are the ones that you’ll find the easiest to get rid of.

5)Get rid of your high-school textbooks.

Seriously, … enough said. Put them in the box and OUT of your house. 

6)Keep your favorites.

If you have a certain self that is just for favorite books, make sure that the favorites that you keep all fit on this shelf. If the shelf is to small, its time for some more books to go.

7)Go through book tossing in waves.

All of the books to toss all at once may be difficult to do. So approach the book toss in stages. Going through the first wave will be easy, these are the obvious books that you haven’t touched in forever.

Going through the bookshelf again a few month later you’ll be a bit more aggressive. Narrowing down your reality to what your really interested in and passionate about. Going through books waves near the end only results in one or two leaving at a time, but that’s still a win.

8)Donate those books to a second-hand store.

It will feel good to know that your books have the chance to become a book buddy to someone else in there home. (dust mites included 🙂 ) Just remember not to look through the donation pile AGAIN before shipping it out. Stuff it and close it. 

9)You don’t need books as a collection.

Talk about a pile of space that they take up. Typically at least 10feet of floor and wall space. This is not 1800’s were a full library was a signature of status a wealth. The local library can be your own ‘personal’ collection.

And unless your bookcase is never touched (in which case why do you have them?) it is a constant battle to keep the bookcase tidy looking. Just take a look at any home with kids! Enough said.

book clutter

10)You don’t need more things to clean.

Sure you can just let the books sit there in the bookcases and never clean them but in the end, when you finally do touch them, you will be reading them through a dust cloud. Apparently, they are supposed to be dusted regularly to keep the integrity of the books as well as your house clean. So why do you have a pile of dusty books for?

11)If your feeling nostalgia about books on a shelf, go to your local library.

When the pangs of looking at a neatly put together bookshelf hit, go to your local library. You can browse books till your heart’s content and take a few home that you don’t have to find a place on your bookshelf for.

12)Proof of a needed book declutter is at your local library.

What I mean by that, is that local library’s in small towns have followed a trend so that they don’t become extinct.

What did they do?

Got rid of books! And they diversified. Now you can go to your local library, and your children can play, color, and read kids books, while mom or dad can sit in comfy chairs, browsing through magazines, working at the computers or browse through they’re the adult fiction section. As this fiction section is what most of the library is made up off. Our local library got rid of most of their research section, as so much of that can be found online. 

Let’s not forget the movies you can find at your local library too!

With the changing landscape that electronic storage has, it’s time to change the landscape of the books crammed into that bookcase. Time to grab a box and start filling… your shelves will thank-you!

By: Sharon Schuler


Sharon Schuler

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  1. I’m always looking for great ways to de-clutter and stay organized. One things I have a hard time with is books! I love books and can’t bring myself to get rid of about 50 of them. Reading this has motivated me, but we’ll see if I can actually go through with it or not.

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